Jacob Silverman

Jacob Silverman is a freelance journalist and the co-author, most recently, of the New York Times best seller Easy Money: Cryptocurrency, Casino Capitalism, and the Golden Age of Fraud. He is currently writing a book about Silicon Valley and the political right for Bloomsbury.

  1. renegades
    The Ballad of Barrett BrownHe was a “preppy anarchist” who went to jail for his fight against the surveillance state. Was it all for nothing?
  2. big tech
    Pity the BillionaireSilicon Valley’s oligarch class can’t stop feeling sorry for itself.
  3. politics
    QAnon’s Takeover of the Republican Party Is Virtually CompleteIt would be hilarious if it didn’t involve people in positions of real influence.
  4. big tech
    How Do You Solve a Problem Like Elon Musk?The jokes get worse, and he only gets richer.
  5. big tech
    Inside Jedi Blue, Facebook’s Shady Deal With GoogleBehind a geeky code name lies a sinister plot.
  6. the facebook papers
    No Amount of Whistleblowing Can Fix FacebookWe know the problem with Facebook. The real question is what to do about it.
  7. select all
    Social Media Can’t Stop the Weaponization of Bad FaithSocial media is built on a reputation economy of likes and retweets that’s all too easily weaponized. So why not just get rid of it?
  8. select all
    The Fight Over Net Neutrality Is a Protection RacketNice internet you have there — a shame if something happened to it.