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  1. interesting thoughts
    Low-Information Candidate Worried About Low-Information Voters“They don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, and yet these are people who vote” — something Ben Carson actually said.
  2. awful things
    Man Falls 5 Stories — Then Gets Impaled — at Manhattan Construction SiteHe’s still alive. 
  3. standoffs
    Sheriff in Burns, Oregon: ‘This Can’t Happen Anymore’One militia member was killed during a traffic stop on Tuesday night.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Santa Claus Arrested for Drinking and DrivingShould have just called one of his designateds, Dasher or Dancer. 
  5. early and often
    Why Is Trump Boycotting the Fox News Debate?He may have been trying to prep for a lackluster debate performance, but now he’s accusing the network of being childish.
  6. oh state politics!
    Paul LePage Floats Idea of Publicly Beheading Drug Dealers With GuillotineThe Maine governor says it was just a joke.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    Peter Liang Trial ContinuesThe second day of the NYPD officer’s trial continues. 
  8. super classy
    Trump Plays Nemesis Word Association GamesCruz: Jerk! Bloomberg: He’ll throw the guns in the ocean! Glenn Beck: Why is he crying!
  9. scary things
    6-Year-Old Falls Down Manhole in New York CityIn related news, please watch out for manholes without covers while the plows are out in full force.
  10. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Very Dangerous’ Inmates Still on the RunThe three criminals have been on the run since Friday. 
  11. 2016
    Zephyr Teachout Is Running for CongressThe former gubernatorial candidate is taking on District 19. 
  12. blizzard of 2016
    New York and East Coast Still Trying to Dig Out From BlizzardThe storm almost set a new record for snowfall in New York.
  13. sad things
    Explorer Dies Just Before He Was About to Finish Solo Trek Across AntarcticaHe was 30 miles from the end. 
  14. blizzardammerung
    New York City Will Get 18 to 24 Inches of Snow This WeekendAre you ready?
  15. migrant crisis
    Dozens of Migrants Drown Near GreeceThe latest news about the migrant crisis.
  16. Marco Rubio Does The Tonight ShowHmm. Really?
  17. flint water crisis
    Finger-Pointing and Fallout Over Flint Water Crisis ContinuesThe latest in the Michigan water-crisis case.
  18. weather report
    NYC Now Has Its Very Own Blizzard WatchCongrats! Now here’s what else we know about the monster storm approaching the East Coast.
  19. ice cream for breakfast
    7 Most Important Questions Kids Have Asked 2016 CandidatesThey might not be able to vote, but they do know how to get real.
  20. weather report
    Latest Forecasts Have New York City Getting Up to a Foot of Snow This WeekendBut maybe even more? Or less?
  21. super classy
    Here’s Some of the Most Creative Trump ApparelAnd other great and classy moments in Trump supporters getting creative. 
  22. it’s getting hot in here
    Scientists Confirm That, Yes, 2015 Was Ridiculously Hot and Not NormalMore than 1.6 degrees hotter than the 20th-century average. 
  23. early and ahahaha
    What Happens When Fringe Candidates DebateYes, there are candidates who have less of a chance of becoming president than Jim Gilmore. 
  24. emailghazi
    New Report Says Some Emails Sent on Clinton’s Server Were Super Top SecretYes, there is a level even more secret than top secret. 
  25. awful things
    Michigan Governor Calls Flint Water Crisis ‘a Disaster’The political fallout from the disaster continues.
  26. SCOTUS to Look at Obama’s Immigration OrderThe Court will hear a challenge to President Obama’s executive actions on undocumented immigrants.
  27. 2016
    What You Need to Know About the Fourth Democratic DebateIt’s this Sunday. Yep, it’s on a Sunday. 
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bob McDonnell Heads to the Supreme Court for a Second OpinionThe former Virginia governor doesn’t have to go to jail while his case is considered.
  29. last night on late night
    Hillary Clinton on The Tonight Show“Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap.” —Hillary Clinton
  30. justice selfied
    Another Man Gets Arrested for Selfie-Related CrimeIt’s not a good year for selfies so far.
  31. scary things
    ISIS Claims Responsibility for Multiple Explosions, Shots Fired in JakartaAt least two civilians are dead.
  32. $$$
    3 People in Queens Win $1 MillionOne person won after buying a Powerball ticket at — we’re not making this up — the Good Lucky Charm Gift Shop.
  33. oh albany!
    Cuomo Talks Homelessness, Ethics, and Paid Leave at State of the StateThe governor also reminded everyone of his plan to fix the “miserable” Penn Station, and other big infrastructure projects.
  34. media
    After April, Al Jazeera America Will No Longer ExistSince no one was watching the network, this was probably inevitable. 
  35. $$$
    The U.S. Treasury Wants to Know Who’s Buying Up All Those Ritzy Condos in NYC Multi-million-dollar all-cash real-estate purchases in Miami-Dade County will also be tracked. 
  36. conflict resolution
    U.S. Sailors Detained in Iran Head Back to the SeaKerry expressed “gratitude to Iranian authorities for their cooperation in quickly resolving this matter.”
  37. awful things
    Fifth Suspect in Custody for Brooklyn Rape CaseWhat happened at the four teenagers’ arraignment. 
  38. media news
    The New York Times Picks a New Media Columnist to Replace David CarrIt’s political reporter Jim Rutenberg. 
  39. scary things
    Suspected ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills Tourists in IstanbulMost of the dead were German.
  40. weather report
    NYC Might Get Snow Today, MaybeYes, yes, we did.
  41. There Is Shaky Cam Footage of the Raid That Led to El Chapo’s CaptureThanks to a GoPro worn by one of the Mexican Marines who stormed his compound.
  42. sotu
    The First Lady’s SOTU Guest List(We’re talking about Michelle Obama’s box.)
  43. scary things
    ISIS Claims Responsibility for Mall Attack in BaghdadThe attack, which involved a car bomb and multiple gunmen, is now over.
  44. migrant crisis
    Germany to Release More Info on AssaultsMeanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel canceled trips abroad in order to deal with the unfurling mess. 
  45. adios!
    El Chapo Captured, Will Face Extradition HearingAfter two escapes, it appears that Mexico may finally be ready to get rid of the notorious drug lord.
  46. early and often
    Obama Admits Defeat on Gun Control, Pushes Democrats to Keep FightingHe won’t campaign for candidates who disagree with him on guns, even if they’re in his own party.
  47. early and awful
    LePage Blames Maine’s Heroin Woes on ‘D-Money’“I was going impromptu and my brain didn’t catch up to my mouth.”
  48. thanks obama
    Thanks, Obama!Including the disappearance of aerosol hairspray. 
  49. Paris Attacks Fugitive’s Fingerprints Found at Possible Bomb Factory in BelgiumAnd other news involving ISIS this Friday.
  50. super classy
    The First Person in Line to Hear Trump in Vermont Is Not a Trump SupporterWhat happens when Trump visits a state he could never win in a general election.
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