Jaime Green

  1. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Seventeen Magazine’s All-Day Date PrepThe date prep was extreme, exaggerated, and unnecessary. But also … kind of amazing?
  2. books
    Is This the Millennial Parent Book?The Cut talks to Expecting Better author Emily Oster about her new parenthood book, Cribsheet.
  3. self reflection
    I Love My Weird Pregnancy Skin-Care RoutineIt’s helping me maintain some control over my life.
  4. must reads
    5 Great Romance Novels for People Who’ve Never Read OneAn introduction to the venerable genre.
  5. trust us
    Why You Should Be Reading Romance NovelsThey’re not what you think.
  6. best of 2018
    The 10 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books of 2018Sentient plants, a telepathic key, obsessive-compulsive zombies and other avatars of our broken world.
  7. Alyssa Cole on Why Her Romance Novels Are Always PoliticalNow, she’s breaking into rom-com territory with a new series, Reluctant Royals, which kicks off with A Princess in Theory.
  8. rebuttal
    Yoga Pants Are the Best PantsJeans are always wildly uncomfortable, but yoga pants make me feel like myself.
  9. The 10 Best Romance Books of 2017Dukes! Small towns! Meet-cutes!
  10. books
    The 10 Best Fantasy Books of 2017Philip Pullman, Mohsin Hamid, and more.