Jake Moore

  1. comings and goings
    Heilemann: ‘Israel Question’ Drives Hagel DebateHeilemann speaks on the Hagel outcry.
  2. joetorious
    The Top 5 Bidenisms From Today’s Senate Swearing-in CeremonyJoe Biden flirted with nonagenarians, gave relationship advice to a fifteen-year-old, and managed to make a fondling joke.
  3. it’s the end of the world as we know it
    How to Deal With the Apocalypse, According to Disaster MoviesGet drunk.
  4. vulture imagines
    Walking Dead Zombie Sounds Work for EveryoneClassic TV and movie mumblers and chompers get the zombie growl treatment.
  5. kill count
    Watch Every Season Three Walking Dead Zombie Kill (So Far) in Two MinutesPlus the weapons that put the walkers down.
  6. facial expressions
    The Many Scowls of The Walking Dead’s MichonneScowl scowl scowl.
  7. is this thing on
    Who Else Was Eavesdropping on Carrie and Brody?Turns out it was a party line, with Lester Freamon, the Sneakers gang, and more all giving a listen.
  8. supercut
    We Discovered Robert Pattinson’s Nervous Tic: The Talk-Show Water SipHe’s a very thirsty person.
  9. election 2012
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney Campaign Was ‘Stuck in the Past’The Obama camp managed to turn Ohio blue by finding “votes that [the Romney campaign] didn’t know existed.”
  10. last laughs
    Watch Our Roundup of the Best Political Jokes of the 2012 ElectionFew things create more material than an eighteen-month election cycle.
  11. inside the models studio
    Model Brad Kroenig on His First Time Meeting KarlThe beautiful man (and his adorable son) stop by the Cut’s “Inside the Model’s Studio.”
  12. master debaters
    Obama’s ‘Battleship’ Zinger Wasn’t Out of LineIn the third debate, Obama “indulged in zingers” to cast his opponent as a relic of eighties foreign policy.
  13. master debaters
    Obama and Romney Were ‘a Step Away From Blows’Plenty of confrontation in the second presidential debate.
  14. master debaters
    Ahead of Second Debate, Romney Trails ObamaThose expecting another clear Romney debate victory should temper their expectations, Heilemann said.
  15. master debaters
    Heilemann: Debate Is Obama’s Biggest Challenge“The badness of Obama’s first debate performance has sunk in.”
  16. inside the models studio
    Inside the Models Studio: Charlotte Free Is Addicted to LemonsShe also tells the Cut why she went pink.
  17. seven minutes in heaven
    Closet Tour: Anna Sui’s Elizabeth Taylor CaftanThe designer takes us through her room-sized closet.
  18. See the Many Ways Designers Waved and Bowed This SeasonCatch you all in February!
  19. early and often
    Heilemann on NOW: Romney Loss Wouldn’t Hurt Paul RyanOur own John Heilemann says he’ll be fine win or lose.
  20. inside the models studio
    Inside the Models Studio: Julia Nobis JamsShe gives an impromptu performance of “The House of the Rising Sun.”
  21. stuck in the mittle
    Chait: Romney and His ‘47 Percent’ Trick“Republicans say ‘income taxes’ to make people think all taxes — it’s a trick.”
  22. never forget
    NBC Airs Kardashian Instead of 9/11 TributeSeriously! Watch.
  23. vulture video
    Watch The Newsroom’s Characters React to Other Movie Freak-outsStarring Maggie’s wide-eyed stare and Don’s OMG face.
  24. sam is getting upset!
    Video: The Sam Waterston Newsroom Anger-O-MeterMeasuring from quiet belittling to spitting mad.
  25. supercut
    Video: The Wit and Wisdom of Breaking Bad’s MikeHe might threaten to break your legs, but at least he’ll have a good explanation as to why.
  26. olympic fever
    Video: Ryan Lochte, As Explained by His Mom, Matt Lauer, and HimselfHe’s just a free spirit, see. 
  27. fixing-you
    Video: Your Guide to TV’s Unfortunate Obsession With Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’After last night’s episode of The Newsroom, Vulture would like to declare a moratorium.
  28. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of House Hunters Eating on House HuntersYou know how they’re always eating on House Hunters? Exactly.
  29. 2013
    Justin Bieber Day Declared by Scott Stringer in ManhattanThe pop star and the “Hipster Cop” were both on hand.
  30. trump
    Blitzer Finds Trump’s Birther Argument ‘A Little Ridiculous’The Wolf meets The Donald.
  31. NYCE
    Chicken Tikka Masala With Floyd CardozThings get spicy.
  32. Eggcetera
    Shaun Hergatt’s Lesson on the Perfectly Poached EggIt’s easy!
  33. sex talk
    Watch a Supercut of Zooey Deschanel Trying to Talk About Sex on New GirlBing-bongs and cannon balls for everyone.
  34. inside the models studio
    ‘Inside the Models Studio’: Andrej PejicThe male model wunderkind sits down with The Cut to chat about the industry.
  35. supercut
    Watch a Compilation of Ridiculous Sexual Wordplay From RuPaul’s Drag Race“Her legs are like peanut butter. Easy to spread.”
  36. kenny f***king powers
    Watch: Eastbound & Down’s Most Inventive Insults“You look like some sort of strange Mexican Grimace.”
  37. supercuts
    See Every Killing From Game of Thrones in Under a MinuteSwords, swords, and more swords.
  38. bobby’s world
    A Look Back at Mad Men’s Many Bobby DrapersC’mon, No. 4!
  39. test drive
    Street-Testing Hunger Games vs. Fall 2012 Runway MakeupEffie Trinket takes on Chanel in Union Square.
  40. model tracker
    Video: Models On What They Ate During Fashion Week And How Their Feet FeelWith appearances by Jourdan Dunn, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Nyasha Matonhodze, and Cara Delevingne.
  41. 30 rock
    Video: The Many Hockey References of 30 Rock“That’s the Stanley Cup, honey. It’s hockey’s ultimate prize. And me and it, we’re teaming up to fight illiteracy.”
  42. ewww
    Steven Tyler vs. Cee Lo: Who Is the Creepier Flirt?Watch the video flirt-off and you be the judge.
  43. liptoning
    Watch a Supercut of James Lipton’s Most Absurd Questions“What attracts you to odd hats?”
  44. super bowl xlvi
    Video: Giants Fans Celebrate at Today’s Super Bowl Parade“Eli Manning? They need to make a religion about him. He’s my god right now.”