James Atlas

  1. The Nine Stages of Economic CalamityShock, denial, grief, relief, brief exuberance, back to grief, gloating, catastrophist fantasies, and finally—maybe—acceptance.
  2. The Ma and Pa of the IntelligentsiaRobert Silvers and Barbara Epstein of The New York Review of Books set the table for the city’s left intellectuals for the past […]
  3. Keeping Up With the DeadThe confessions of an obit addict.
  4. The Last Time I Saw SaulBellow’s biographer says goodbye.
  5. The Big FAt 50, I was fired. It was awful. I lived. Learning to embrace failure in a city fueled by success.
  6. The Gathering Darkness of the Blue State of MindEven before Election Day, I’d been experiencing uncharacteristic twinges of optimism. At cocktail parties, there had been a steady drumbeat of h […]
  7. The Fear This TimeAre we getting to the point where terror is just something we complain about but live with, like bad weather?