James J. Cramer

  1. Ode to the Falling DollarOr, why we should stop worrying and learn to love our nation’s rapidly plummeting currency.
  2. Blue-Light SpecialistA conversation with billionaire financier Eddie Lampert, the man who merged Kmart and Sears.
  3. Going PrivateThe Bush plan to privatize Social Security and Medicare is a multi-billion-dollar disaster in the making. Perhaps the best we can do, ironic […]
  4. IPOs, Dirt-CheapThere’s a new boom in initial public stock offerings. And this time around, the merch is priced to sell.
  5. Outlook MurkyThe Vioxx scandal is more than a headache for the long-beloved drug giant. It could be the death of the company as we know it.
  6. The Next Enron?Fannie Mae says it did nothing wrong, but criminal indictments could be on the way.
  7. Buy HighWith the rich getting richer, companies that cater to upmarket tastes have never looked like a better bargain.
  8. Campaign FinanceWhich presidential candidate is more apt to boost the fortunes of your portfolio? Before you answer “W.,” do the math.
  9. Health SouthHealth-care stocks are headed downward whether Bush or Kerry wins this fall.
  10. Baby BullsThe broad market indexes may be stuck in bear mode, but a pack of small, little-known stocks are charging ahead.
  11. Viacom SOSMel Karmazin jumped ship, giving the entertainment company a perfect chance to change its business model. Ad sales are out. Geeks are in.
  12. Blue Light SpecialOr why Kmart—the downscale, beleaguered retailer everyone loves to hate—is the next Berkshire Hathaway.
  13. Bear With UsLow interest rates, strong job growth, and rosy corporate profits usually spell a bull market. So why are the grizzlies on the loose?
  14. Ogling GoogleThe hit dot-com’s IPO seems to present the most attractive stock opportunity in years, but do a little searching and you’ll find pot […]
  15. Book LearningBookkeeping problems used to mark a stock as a must-sell. Today, when a company comes clean about creative accounting, it can signal an attracti […]
  16. Analyze ThisWall Street reforms have succeeded in making stock analysts less corrupt. But that doesn’t mean they’re less-often wrong.
  17. Mouse HuntingThe Disney–Comcast deal makes sense for everyone. So why hasn’t it happened? With the canny Roberts family at Comcast’s helm, […]
  18. Blue-Chip SpecialsYes, stock prices have been soaring, but rarely have the highest-quality offerings been selling at such deliciously low prices. Go ahead, dig in.
  19. Lovable LosersJust because a stock is beaten down, reeling, and universally maligned doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it. Here, five stinkers that c […]
  20. Onward, UpwardThe Fed will likely tighten interest rates. The markets hate rate hikes. So why will bulls, not bears, prosper in the coming year? Here’s why.
  21. House BeautifulHousing bubble? What housing bubble? The signs are in place for a further run-up in real estate. Breathe easy, mortgage holders. There’s s […]
  22. An SEC of WoesThe federal financial-watchdog group is supposed to look out for the little guy. But as the recent mutual-fund scandals prove, it’s codd […]
  23. Bubble Trouble?Why the market may be ready for a sudden boom. And why investors should pray it doesn’t happen.
  24. Boring Is Hot!How can you rebalance your portfolio? Start with some good old-fashioned staplers, cabinets, combination locks, and—yes—toilets.
  25. Bad Boys, Bad BoysWhatcha gonna do? Slam-dunk prosecutions keep Wall Street on the straight and narrow. But not for long. Why every generation has to learn the […]
  26. DelistedC’mon—all NYSE chief Dick Grasso did was negotiate one hell of a pay package. His downfall has a lot more to do with how the money […]
  27. ClockersA mutual-fund giant let Canary Capital turn back time to create a no-risk, all-profit paradise. Next up for the perps: the all-risk, no-profit w […]
  28. Party, OverThe Dems are going after Bush the wrong way on the economy. Instead of blathering on about repealing tax breaks, here’s what they shoul […]
  29. Back From the DeadTurns out reports of the deaths of certain stocks were greatly exaggerated. Presenting five small caps that are—surprise—roaring bac […]
  30. High FiveAll the easy money’s already been made in the bull market’s recent awakening, right? Guess again. Presenting five delicious ways to […]
  31. Stealing the ShowWorldCom was so corrupt that it should have been shut down. Now fraud is compounded by farce: The government is actually rewarding the company!
  32. Jail BaitMartha Stewart’s being treated unfairly, she’s being singled out, right? Nonsense. By mounting a breathtakingly inept defense that o […]
  33. Real BullThe scandal-obsessed business press can’t help but focus on yesterday’s news, but right now there’s an honest-to-goodness rall […]
  34. Victory BondDay traders would have you think that anything and everything that happens in Iraq is automatically meaningful to the market—but only a […]
  35. Ghost in the MachineThe computerized trading debacle on Black Monday still stalks me in my nightmares.
  36. Safe Is the New RiskyBlue chips—once considered safe havens for widows and other risk-averse investors—are not just battered, they’re down for th […]
  37. End GameMerrill Lynch and Salomon Brothers beat the prosecutors’ wrath. Will Credit Suisse First Boston be as lucky—or will it have to sacrif […]
  38. The Waiting GameWartime isn’t the worst thing for the market—the uncertainty leading up to it is. Which is why sometimes it pays not to wai […]
  39. A Crime That PaidWhile the Feds torment small-time pump-and-dumpers like Tokyo Joe Park, the big-time dumpers—like Global Crossing’s Winnick and WorldCom’s […]
  40. Lies My Broker Told MeSome on Wall Street seem to think that the mission is to restore investor stupidity. But the markets won’t come back until investor trust is res […]
  41. Money for NothingBush’s big idea for rescuing the economy is to make the rich richer. But guess what: Our financial malaise has nothing to do with inadequate s […]
  42. The TraderPenis jokes, frat-boy high jinks, acronym hell – they’re all in a day’s work.
  43. Bearly ThereDoes the mini bull run mean the market’s finally turned the corner? Or have investors, weary of being weary, just decided to be irra […]
  44. Bubble BoysThe press has us convinced that every Wall Street analyst is corrupt. Okay, yeah, some are. But the truth is, the most exuberant of the stock bo […]
  45. Dot-ComebackNobody can quite believe it, but there are four legitimate – and deserving – Netco’s that are reviving the lost promise of the New Economy. An […]
  46. Bear TrapLast week’s sweet little bull run was, unfortunately, all form and no substance. But given a few strategic assists – are you listening, Washing […]
  47. The Other WarWhile the Democrats dither over Iraq, they’re squandering the ultimate election-year ammunition: Bush’s dismal economy. An argument for fighting […]
  48. Battle StationsWall Street hasn’t gotten over last year’s attacks the way some uptown editorial writers have, which explains market jitters about war in Iraq - […]
  49. The Morning LineWhat are the odds that Bernie and Ken and Martha will actually do hard time? The wheels of justice turn slowly, but if you’d care to make […]
  50. Sell Low, Buy HighDespite the slump, certain sectors of the market are doing fine, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to dump those losers – they ain’t never […]
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