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    My WFH Computer Monitor Is Also the Perfect Quarantine TVIt’s no ordinary monitor. And it’s no ordinary TV. It’s the ideal combination of both.
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    How to Be Self-Sufficient, According to HomesteadersYou don’t have to go completely off the grid, but you can at least rely on it less.
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    You Don’t Need to Know How to Build a Fire to Use This FirepitAll you have to do is put in some wood and light a match. The app will do the rest.
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    The Best Freezers, According to People Who Freeze a Lot of ThingsWhether you just bagged an elk or finished a Costco run.
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    Everything You Need to Start SplitboardingWith a snowboard that can split to form two skis, you can ride pretty much anywhere you want.
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    These Bone-Broth Pouches Are a Grown-up (and Healthy) Alternative to Cup NoodlesThey’re not cheaper, but they are delicious — and a whole lot healthier.
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    I Used These Wipes Instead of Showering (and No One Noticed)There’s a rough side for scrubbing and a smooth side for soothing.
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    What Are the Best Snowboarding Jackets?It’s a golden age of snowboarding: a time when the same jacket gives you performance on the mountain and non-slouchy style on the street.
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    What Are the Best Ski Jackets?Including a street ski jacket that’s popular in Switzerland, and a durable pick that’s gotten one NOLS instructor through 15 guiding seasons.
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    What Are the Best Snow Pants?Skiing, sledding, and snowboarding are a lot more fun when you’re dry and warm.
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    12 Gifts For Every Kind of Outdoorsy TypeThe phone case, light kit, and buffalo-hide-filled jacket that will improve their next adventure
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    My Work Gloves Can Also Be Used for Mountain ClimbingThese leather gloves can be used for yard work, mountaineering, bike riding, and skiing. And probably wherever else you take them.