Janelle Zara

  1. party chat
    Solange Knowles Would ‘Never’ Start Her Own Fashion Line“Honestly, I would never do anything like that.”
  2. party chat
    Reggie Watts and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy Are Maybe Working on Music Together“I would be the vocals and we would probably be doing some kind of a cover.”
  3. party chat
    Philip Treacy Can’t Talk About the Royal-Wedding Hats; Vera Wang Credits Yves Saint Laurent for Her Fashion CareerAnd other discussion topics at Vera Wang’s private screening of ‘L’Amour Fou.’
  4. buyer beware
    Glenda Bailey Polices Counterfeiters During Her Leisure TimeShe once called the Louis Vuitton CEO when she found fake LV bags at a gift shop.
  5. life with andre
    André Leon Talley Makes a ‘Special Effort to Go to the Dumpster’Even though it’s quite far from his house.
  6. party chat
    Cindi Leive on ‘Engagement Chicken’ and ‘the Three-Minute Omelet’The editor of ‘Glamour’ discusses her new cookbook.
  7. love him
    Oscar de la Renta: ‘This is the Century of the Woman.’And more highlights from his talk last night on everything from dressing first ladies to girl scouts.
  8. party lines
    Chloë Sevigny, Olivia Munn, Liv Tyler, and More at the Go International Designer CollectivePlus Nina Garcia, Tracy Feith, Anna Sui, and Aziz Ansari.
  9. Foodievents
    There’s a Peanut Butter Exhibit This Weekend!The Nutropolitan Museum of Art: this weekend only.
  10. party lines
    Humberto Leon Has a Thing for Puffy Leather Jackets and Long UnderwearHe also shared tips for falling during Fashion Week.
  11. party lines
    Elle Fanning at SomewherePlus: Stephen Dorff, Kirsten Dunst, Anna Sui …
  12. fuzzy math
    The Ten Most Ridiculous-Sounding Math Classes Currently Offered at Liberal-Arts Colleges“In particular, we will ask such questions as: How do sunflowers and seashells grow?”