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  1. 13 Rent References in Film and TV525,000 moments so dear.
  2. Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Explained to Passersby in the NYC SubwayJerry corrected the record on the “mad genius” aspect of Van Gogh’s … actual genius.
  3. Watch A Beyoncé Collaborator Use L.A.’s Streets to Make a BeatA walk signal makes for a better beat than you might think.
  4. A Grim Education: Survival Stories From School Shootings, 72 Years In The MakingSchool shooting survivors share their insights on living with the scars of gun violence —both physical and mental.
  5. Sacha Baron Cohen’s Most Utterly Confused Guests“Billy, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I really don’t.” — Senator Bernie Sanders
  6. History of a Meme: The T-Rex Costume“Even walking across the room, you couldn’t help but bust out laughing.”
  7. Remaking a Murder: How Weegee Photographed a Mob KillingA lot went into his famous photo of the slaying of Dominick Didato.
  8. Kanye West and Trump Collaborate on New Single#DragonEnergy was just a song idea in need of a beat.
  9. Macron’s State Visit With Trump Was a Film Noir Romance“He is perfect.” —President Donald Trump, about his French counterpart.
  10. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Engagement ChickenThe lovebirds were roasting a chicken when Harry proposed.
  11. 4 Ways 2001: A Space Odyssey Was a Visual-Effects PioneerThe cinematography inspired scores of artists, from George Lucas to ‘N Sync.
  12. Was Michael Jackson a Plagiarist?“Michael stole a lot of stuff. He stole a lot of songs,” says Quincy Jones.
  13. A Farewell to Trump’s Class of 2017“I thought I’d last longer than a carton of milk.” — Anthony Scaramucci
  14. Trump’s Stock-Market Reality Check“The markets are operating in a parallel universe.”
  15. Mothers Are Fighting for Gun-Policy Reform“We’re in a situation where we don’t have to convince America. We have to convince lawmakers to do the right thing.”
  16. Lawmakers Turned the Government Shutdown Into a Blame GameFeaturing a highly partisan White House voice-mail message.
  17. The Long-term Damage of a Government Shutdown“As a citizen, you don’t want to see your government dysfunctional.”
  18. Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes Are Minimalist ArtThe walls look “exactly like a national monument, and perfect minimalist sculpture.”
  19. How Stevie Wonder Helped Make MLK Day a National HolidayWonder’s song “Happy Birthday” led the charge for a day of remembrance for the late civil-rights leader.
  20. How Trump’s Speaking Style Has Changed Over the Years“Bing, bing, bong, bong, bing, bing, bing. You know what that is, right?”
  21. Foreign-Policy Experts React to Trump’s Jerusalem Decision“I think he went too far, too fast, too soon.”
  22. Trump’s Surrounded by Big Water“Well, that is the sippy-cup grip.”
  23. World Leaders Who Snubbed Trump in 2017“He’s not my bride, and I’m not his groom.”
  24. 3 Ways Trump’s Tax Code Benefits Him and His Family“This is going to cost me a fortune, this thing.”
  25. Trump’s War on the Media Has Been Years in the Making“We have to fight the media! Constantly fighting the media.”
  26. The Dark Pop-Cultural Influence of Charles MansonHe’s influenced everyone from South Park to the Beach Boys.
  27. Jeff Sessions Can’t Recall a Lot of Things“I can’t believe I can’t remember that.”
  28. Who Are Rey’s Parents?For the protagonist of a film, her origins are still pretty mysterious.
  29. Taylor Swift’s Journey From Country Starlet to Pop SuperstarThere are fewer tears falling on Taylor’s guitars. And fewer guitars in general.
  30. The New Taylor Swift Sounds Like a Scrapbook of Pop MusicLook what we made her do.
  31. Is Deckard Actually a Replicant?Blade Runner: 2049 doesn’t exactly settle the debate.
  32. Tom Petty’s Best Onscreen Cameos“I’ve heard of you, man. You’re famous.”
  33. Puerto Rico’s Recovery Depends on Updating Economic PolicyThe temporary suspension of the protectionist Jones Act is a good start.
  34. The Psychology of TribalismOur polarized, group-oriented politics is thousands of years in the making.
  35. Apple’s New Face ID Makes ‘Animoji’ Possible▶️ In which Craig Federighi clucks like a chicken.
  36. DACA Recipients Say They Are ‘Here to Stay’Dreamers respond to President Trump ending DACA, saying “our hopes were crushed.”
  37. What Donald Trump Did On His First Presidential Vacation▶️ We’ve had the time of our lives, and we owe it all to him.
  38. See Our Hands-on With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8▶️ A new model aims to improve upon the Samsung’s Note 7 flameout.
  39. The History of Trump’s Afghanistan PolicyThe History of Trump’s Afghanistan Policy
  40. How Anthony Scaramucci — I Mean Steve Bannon — Got Fired▶️ We definitely didn’t recycle a video about Anthony Scaramucci.
  41. Anthony Scaramucci Is Back on TV, and He’s Got a Few Words for Us▶️ “I thought I was going to last longer than, like, a carton of milk.”
  42. The Trump Administration Hated Health-Care Policy Secrecy a Few Years Ago▶️ “Unfortunately, this will have to be a Republicans-only exercise.”
  43. What Is the Doomsday Clock, and What Makes It Tick?▶️ After the election of Donald Trump, the 70-year-old clock has been set at two-and-a-half minutes to midnight.
  44. Donald Trump Is His Own Worst Enemy▶️ “The president used the word ‘wiretapped’ in quotes.”
  45. A Boy Band Made Up of 5 Girls Is Challenging Gender Roles in China▶️ They just teased their first single and music video.
  46. Tom Brady Teamed Up With Under Armour to Make Some High-Tech SleepwearIt uses “far-infrared” technology to improve your sleep.
  47. WATCH: This Bro Wears Identical Outfits As His DogHe has a little too much time on his hands.
  48. The Many Expressions of Sally Yates▶️ Come for the “smug ownage,” stay for the “stoic righteousness.”
  49. Trump Once Praised Comey for Actions He’s Now Firing Him For▶️ “What he did was the right thing.” —Trump in October 2016.
  50. Watch House GOP Members Admit They Haven’t Read the Health-Care Bill They Passed▶️ “Oh gosh … I don’t think any individual has read the whole bill.”
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