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    Daaaaamn, Daniel! I Can’t Stop Watching This Excellent Video on RepeatBack at it again with the white Vans!
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    Zenefits and the Big Problem With ‘Disruption’This is where growth at all costs gets you.
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    John McAfee Says He Can Crack That iPhoneEccentric millionaire to the rescue?
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    Instagram Is an Extremely Private Social Network — Until It Isn’tAll of the data is public. Does that make it okay?
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    Drake Has Become a Very Good New Meme: ‘A Man Who Can Do Both’Why settle for just classy or swaggy? Get you a man who can do both.
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    Chinese Airline Puts Two Women Up in a Very ‘Special’ Hotel RoomOn Valentine’s Day, everything else was taken.
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    Could Apple Build a ‘Limited’ iPhone Back Door?If they build it once, the FBI can make them build it again.
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    Rubio Accuses Cruz of Underhanded Facebook-Meme WarfareCruz denies his campaign has anything to do with a fake Facebook post.
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    The Internet Was Not Kind to Jeb Bush or His Monogrammed Gun TodayAmerica.
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    Report: NSA’s SKYNET May Be Targeting Innocent Civilians With DronesSKYNET is real, and it appears to have serious flaws.
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    Hackers Hold a Hollywood Hospital’s Files for Ransom, Demand $3.4 MillionRansomware is out of control.
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    We Get Signal: ‘All Your Base Are Belong to Us’ Is 15 Years OldWanna feel old?
  13. Setting Your iPhone’s Clock to 1970 Will Kill ItTurns out iPhones don’t deal well with negative time values.
  14. By Popular Demand, the Golden Girls Gospel RemixStarted from the bottom, now we here, girl.
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    Of Course There’s Already a Kanye-Album-Cover GeneratorThe Life of Parodies.
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    The Latest YouTuber Controversy Reveals Facebook’s Looming Video-Theft ProblemA YouTuber is under fire for allegedly using stolen videos to build a popular Facebook page.
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    Airbnb Accused of Purging NYC Listings to Make Its Numbers Look BetterA new report claims Airbnb deleted 1,000 New York City listings before releasing data to city officials.
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    Student Finds Photos of Her Feet on Fetish SiteThat went from funny-weird to creepy-weird in a flash.
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    Chelsea Peretti: Most Brutal Crunchies Host EverMaybe Silicon Valley shouldn’t have an awards show.
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    Venture Capitalist Suggests India Made a Mistake With Anti-Colonialism “Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades.”
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    This Dragon Ball Z Fan Has Made the Only Cool Hoverboard Video So FarWhat are hoverboards good for? Dragonball Z cosplay.
  22. Tourist Now Famous for Getting Lost in IcelandOnce is understandable. Twice is ridiculous.
  23. Babies Totally, Adorably Confused by Dads’ TwinsWait, Dad doesn’t wear glasses …
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    TV Presenter Accidentally Appears Next to His Doppelgänger’s Mug ShotThat feeling when you’re standing next to what looks like your own mug shot.
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    Reporter Falls for Hilarious Fake Screenshots of the New Twitter TimelineVery good internet-poster fools journalist.
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    Check Out Beyoncé’s Flawless, $10,000 Super Bowl AirbnbAir Bey-n-Bey.
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    ‘Stupid Hackathon’ Actually Very Good and FunnyIt’s supposed to be stupid and useless, but it’s actually brilliant.
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    How Does Anyone Think Jay Z Doesn’t Know What Snapchat Is?He’s middle-aged, but he’s also … Jay Z.
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    The Best New Bot on Twitter Is This Spoof of Amazon CEO Jeff BezosAMAZON WILL NEVER BE DONE.
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    Pharma-Bro Martin Shkreli Is Still on OKCupid, Now With a Snarkier Profile“Things I’m very good at: eye rolling.”
  31. Women Banned From Tinder After Trying to Get Their Matches to Vote BernieSome people on Tinder are feeling the Bern. Others less so.
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    Must-Hear: Indian Classical Beatbox, Feat. SiriSiri on the track.
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    Conan O’Brien Settles the Super Bowl by Playing Doom With NFL PlayersThis might be more entertaining than the actual Super Bowl. It’s certainly shorter.
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    Foodie Dems Bot Compares Hillary and Bernie on YelpHow do they compare?
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    The First Cover of New, No-Nudes Playboy Has a … Snapchat ThemeThe sharing-friendly era of Playboy starts with an Instagram model in a Snapchat pose.
  36. What If Movies Ended As Soon As Someone Said the Title?We’ve got a … Black Hawk down.
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    Facebook: Enough With the Forced MemoriesWe just wanted a box to put our photos in.
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    Finally, a Search Engine for Simpsons QuotesProfessor Frink, Professor Frink, he’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you think.
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    College Kid Could Be Expelled After Listing His Dorm Room on AirbnbWith tuition and housing costs as high as they are, can you blame him for trying?
  40. Here’s the Whole Script of Bee Movie on a ShirtAccording to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.
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    This Cat With Its Head Stuck in a Vase Is Reddit’s New GodPraise Cleo-catra.
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    This Kid’s Apology to Nintendo for Breaking His 3DS Is Adorable and Tragic“From here on out, I aim to close my thermos’ lid correctly. I am truly sorry. “
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    This Mobile Company’s Twitter Account Tried to Help a Robot. For Hours. It’s hard to tell which side of this conversation is human.
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    Two Guys Live the Dream, Sneak Into Movie Theater Disguised As One Large ManA lifelong dream, finally realized.
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    Khaled Ipsum Is a Major Key for Web DesignersThey don’t want web designers to win, but you’ve got to overcome that and use Khaled Ipsum.
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    Researchers Found a Security Hole in This Smart Teddy BearThe researchers were able to access kids’ names and birth dates.
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    Just What You’ve Always Wanted, a Game Controller You Can PenetrateWelcome to our horrifying new virtual reality.
  48. How Two of YouTube’s Biggest Stars Became Its Biggest Villains OvernightBenny and Rafi Fine went from unknowns to YouTube superstars, then tried something ambitious that pissed everyone off.
  49. ‘Evacuation Squad’ Shuts Down Schools for Fun“We do these threats because they are funny to us.”
  50. Police Are Training Eagles to Safely Take Out Drones in MidairDrone law is still largely unsettled, but it’s good to have trained eagles just in case.
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