Jay McInerney

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    What Jay McInerney Can’t Live Without“I think DJ Khaled recently tweeted something about them, which may be the beginning of the end.”
  2. Philip, Sneha AnneThe most mysterious of the missing.
  3. Yuppies in EdenHow young urban professionals revived the city, turning it into their own personal playground (and inspiring a novel or two along the way. But n […]
  4. DolphinmaniaIf the cetaceans that stranded themselves in the Hamptons were trying to tell us something, we’re a long way from getting the message.
  5. The Death of (the Idea of) the Upper East SideHow New York’s most prestigious neighborhood lost its place atop the social hierarchy.
  6. Group TherapyCan a sober, settled-down front man and a great new record solve the problems of New York’s most dysfunctional rock band?
  7. Jean-Georges is Seeing StarsAfter enduring an unexpected backlash, the chef who revolutionized New York cuisine is fighting his way back to perfection.
  8. The Meatpacking District Got So Popular That Nobody Goes There Anymore.The half-life of a trendy neighborhood is now a matter of days.
  9. Other People’s MoneyTeddy Forstmann broke all his own rules, lost $2 billion, and was forced to relive the nightmare of the last five years in a Connecticut […]
  10. Goodbye, Mr. BigPublisher Ron Galotti, the model for Sex and the City’s Mr. Big, was a Ferrari-driving, model-dating, power-lunching, type-A person […]
  11. The Gossip ColumnistJay McInerney on the Pleasures (and Perils) of “Page Six.”
  12. New York Awards 2002Vibrant, creative, edgy, demanding (only sometimes!), smart, funny. For this year’s awards, we’ve chosen eleven New Yorkers who not […]
  13. Manhattan Lights(Semi-)unrepentant smoker Jay McInerney on why New York should remain brightly lit.