Jebediah Reed

Editor, Intelligencer

Jebediah Reed is the editor of Intelligencer.

  1. just asking questions
    Anthony Fauci’s Boss on Why Things Could Be Much Better SoonNIH Director Francis Collins says he’s “guardedly optimistic” we’ll have at least one safe and effective vaccine by the end of the year.
  2. just asking questions
    A Leading Silicon Valley Investor Talks Coronavirus Fears and Solutions“This is not the time for dithering,” says the Silicon Valley investor and NBA-team owner.
  3. just asking questions
    Jeffrey Gundlach on Recession Odds, Bitcoin, and Why Trump Might Not Run AgainThe bond-market maven expects things to get wild in 2020.
  4. intelligencer chats
    When You’ve Lost Tom Friedman, Have You Lost America?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether Democrats are moving too far to the left on immigration.
  5. political chats
    Chat: Will Trump’s Scandals Bring Down Pence, or Put Him in the Oval Office?How Trump’s recent troubles affect his vice-president — and whether liberals should be worried about President Pence.
  6. Politics Chat: What Got Michael Flynn Canned — and Who Will Trump Fire Next?Daily Intelligencer’s politics team games out the news around Flynn and debates which remaining staffer is most at risk.
  7. early and often
    Is Clinton a Lock to Win the Presidency, or Could Trump Pull Off an Upset?New York’s political team weighs in on what the tightening polls, Trump’s new message discipline, and strong Latino turnout mean for the election.
  8. How Important Is the First Presidential Debate?New York’s political team weighs in on what could happen on the first showdown between these two opponents.