Jeff Koyen

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    What Does It Mean If I’m Hodling My Shitcoins? A Glossary of Bitcoin SlangFrom hodl to DYOR to shitcoin, every word you need to know to fake your way through a bitcoin conversation.
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    What It’s Like to (Almost) Become a Cryptocurrency MillionaireIn search of “brownstone money” on the cryptocurrency roller coaster.
  3. See the Contemporary Side of Santa FeIt’s still the capital of southwestern décor and turquoise jewelry, but a growing alternative art scene is giving the city a new layer of vibrancy.
  4. Uncover the New South in Old SavannahSpot the future of Southern culture in this mini-metropolis, where a famous historic district accommodates Confederate and cosmopolitan sensibil […]
  5. Get Off the Beach in TrinidadOften overlooked in favor of sister island Tobago, go inland for fiery street food, dense rainforests, and geographical oddities.