Jeff VanDam

  1. The Fabulous Life of Fabrice TourreUntil recently, Fabrice Tourre was living the kind of life that most young masters of the universe dream of.
  2. Bullet PointsLast year, NYPD officers were involved in 105 shooting incidents, the fewest on record. But that’s still 364 shots fired. The department just re […]
  3. Stuck in the Swamp L ast week, the Nets—in the process of being sold to a Russian billionaire, still waiting for construction to begin on their much-hyped new hom […]
  4. Mind the Gap?The MTA says the W and Z trains, dozens of bus lines, free student passes, and other services are seriously threatened by budget shortfalls. But […]
  5. Werewolves vs. Vampires!Move over, trendy vampires: The pack is back. This month, Universal updates its 1941 classic The Wolf Man with Benicio Del Toro as the accursed […]
  6. Bernie Kerik’s TumbleBernard Kerik used to run the city jails and then the whole NYPD, but last week, he went to jail himself.
  7. Where the News Comes FromWalking back a single day’s top stories.
  8. The Acela RegimeSupreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor—Bronx-raised, now the inhabitant of a West Village condo—is only the latest New Yorker to be tapped by Pr […]
  9. Next Stop: The Seventies?When The Taking of Pelham One Two Three hit theaters in 1974, Mayor Abe Beame was working on a Second Avenue subway line and the city insisted t […]
  10. WTC Cheat SheetConstruction is under way at ground zero—but not much of it. The Port Authority owns the land; Larry Silverstein has development rights—and they […]
  11. The Opportunist’s Guide to FinanceLet’s just say it’s perfectly understandable if you’re a little gun-shy about the market right now.
  12. Ten Analysts Put Their Money on One Stock Each“Oil-production companies still have a lot of value, with a lot of long-lived assets that haven’t gone away.”
  13. What the Herd Is HawkingWe digested the last two weeks of stock-picking advice from cable shows and online newsletters. The following companies were among those mention […]
  14. Pick a Country to Believe InIf you believe the U.S. dollar’s recent strength will be short-lived, then other countries’ currencies look cheap. You can trade one currency ag […]
  15. Blue Chip BluesLast week’s rally notwithstanding, the recent months have been tough on what ought to be the safest stocks on Wall Street— the 30 component […]
  16. AIG CEO Mortality TableAIG CEO Edward Liddy, on the job for just six months, found himself trying to soothe Congress last week after the bonuses blew up. He is the fou […]
  17. Oracles of DoomThey always knew the economy would collapse. What do they think will happen next?
  18. Architect DigestFrank Gehry’s New York plans—built and scrapped.
  19. What You Can Buy for…$2 Million$250K | $500K | $750K | $1 Million | $2 Million | $4 Million | $8 Million