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  1. coronavirus
    For Trump, the Most Dangerous COVID Phase Lies AheadThe president is out of the hospital, but he’s not out of danger, according to experts.
  2. scenarios
    Trump’s COVID Case Could Be Mild or Fatal. Here Are Signs to Watch For.For every thousand people in their mid-70s or older who get COVID-19, 116 will die.
  3. what-ifs
    Times’ Trump Tax Scoop Doesn’t Prove Criminality. But Does It Point the Way?“What you have,” says a former IRS criminal investigator, “is a pattern of constantly pushing the envelope, exploiting every tax advantage.”
  4. politics
    Donald Trump Could Be on Trial Sooner Than You ThinkThe criminal case against him is already in the works.
  5. coronavirus
    Safe Exit: The Risk-Mitigation Guide to Life After QuarantineSome dos and don’ts for your return to semi-normalcy.
  6. coronavirus
    We Might Never Get a Good Coronavirus VaccineThere’s never been a vaccine for a member of this family of viruses, and even if one is found for COVID-19, it may be imperfect — like the flu shot.
  7. tomorrow
    The Story of a Coronavirus InfectionHow the novel coronavirus could take over your body before you ever felt it.
  8. aviation
    Kobe Bryant Pilot Deliberately Broke Flight RulesA new government report concludes that he made the fatal decision to fly into a cloud bank.
  9. aviation
    How Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter May Have CrashedLow visibility due to clouds and fog and rugged, rising terrain have killed many helicopter pilots in similar conditions over the years.
  10. unsolved mysteries
    Who’s Behind Those Mystery Drone Swarms? An InvestigationA deep dive into FAA records offers a short list of suspects who have acquired the needed permits.
  11. speculation
    It Sure Looks Like the Ukrainian Airliner May Have Been Accidentally Shot DownIt’s early, and new facts will emerge. But that scenario certainly fits better with what we now know than the official explanation of engine failure.
  12. ufos
    About Those Mystery Drone Swarms Over Colorado …It is ominous that so many robot planes can operate for so long, over so huge an area, without anyone — even the authorities — knowing what they are.
  13. hirings and firings
    Boeing Finally Ousts Hapless CEO for 737 MAX DebacleNow, an attitude of genuine contrition and transparency will be crucial to rebuilding Boeing’s century-old reputation for reliability.
  14. business
    Boeing’s 737 Max Was an Epic Error. So Why’s the Company’s Stock Still Going Up?The flawed airliner was one of the biggest business mistakes ever. But don’t underestimate the power of financial engineering.
  15. transportation
    How Yesterday’s Aeroflot Disaster Echoes the 737 Max CrashesA system malfunction highlighted a systemic vulnerability for passenger airlines.
  16. boeing
    6 Minutes of Terror: What Passengers Experienced on Ethiopian Airlines Fl. 302In a clear sign something is amiss, the autopilot turns itself off. In the cabin, people are now getting shaken as the plane rolls.
  17. business
    Is the Boeing 737 Max Worth Saving?Even when the Max does get FAA approval to fly again, its troubles won’t be over.
  18. business
    Could the 737 MAX Kill Boeing?The plane is the biggest profit center for America’s biggest exporter — and there’s no telling how bad this crisis will get.
  19. aviation
    The Recent Deadly Boeing Crash No One Is Talking AboutLast month a cargo jet abruptly nosedived to the ground near Houston – an accident even more disturbing in its implications than the one in Ethiopia.
  20. transportation
    After 2 Deadly Crashes, Is It Safe to Fly on a 737 Max?Many nations grounded the 737 Max after Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines crash, but the FAA says it’s safe. Should U.S. travelers relax or switch flights?
  21. crypto
    Bath Salts to Bitcoin: John McAfee’s Bizarre Crypto HustleHow the early internet guru turned international fugitive became crypto’s spokesman.
  22. The Mysterious New Search for MH370Australia’s three-year effort to find the vanished jet was a bust. Now the previously unknown company Ocean Infinity is restarting the search.
  23. science of us
    How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution and Achieve Your GoalsTo change your life, consider the easy route.
  24. What the New York Times UFO Report Actually RevealsThe takeaway appeared to be “flying saucers are real.” But a closer reading suggests a murkier proposition.
  25. self-control
    When Pleasure Makes Us Hate OurselvesFrom the viewpoint of classic conditioning theory, this kind of hedonic flip-flop doesn’t make much sense.
  26. self-control
    When Pleasure Makes Us Hate OurselvesFrom the viewpoint of classic conditioning theory, this kind of hedonic flip-flop doesn’t make much sense.
  27. how people change
    To Change Your Life, Learn How to Trust Your Future SelfHow to change for the better, for good.
  28. how people change
    To Change Your Life, Learn How to Trust Your Future SelfHow to change for the better, for good.
  29. Why We Love SpeedThe U.S. now churns out 211 tons of amphetamines every year. We’re hooked on the stuff, and the reason lies deep in our evolutionary roots.
  30. Supersonic Underwater Travel May Be Coming SoonThanks to the property of supercavitation, scientists say submarines will eventually be able to rocket through the ocean inside a gaseous bubble.
  31. mysteries
    The Search for MH370 Seems to Be Over. What Now?The two-year, $180 million investigation has failed, and despite the identification of a new search zone, the mystery may remain unsolved.
  32. What Is the Speed of Thought?It takes half a second for sensory information to be incorporated into conscious experience. So, in a sense, the future has already happened.
  33. Why Would a Pilot Let His Plane Run Out of Fuel?The “human factors” that may have played a role in the LaMia crash.
  34. Why Would a Pilot Let His Plane Run Out of Fuel?The “human factors” that may have played a role in the LaMia crash.
  35. FAA Issues Flight Restrictions Near Trump TowerThe directives are intended to protect locations that may be targeted by terrorists. This one is in effect until Inauguration Day.
  36. drugs
    The Obscure, Legal Drug That Fuels John McAfeeThroughout the software engineer’s bizarre downfall and remarkable comeback, his drug of choice has been a mystery — until now.
  37. Did Australia Confirm MH370 Simulator Story?An official statement makes it clear that the FBI has the data and it shows “the possibility of planning.”
  38. interview
    National Report’s Allen Montgomery on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media“I think I have a really bad reputation. But I’m a really nice guy! People have bashed me. I’m used to all that.”
  39. interview
    The Marshall Project’s Bill Keller on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media“The most troublesome tension is the one between the need to file immediately, because a thousand other people are filing immediately, and the time it takes to do real reporting.”
  40. interview
    Slate’s David Auerbach on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media“The free-content-plus-ads model in general is not working. The rise of clickbait and its ensuing decline is in fact evidence of this.”
  41. interview
    Glenn Greenwald on the Media“The ethos of a corporation is completely different from what a journalistic ethos is supposed to be.”
  42. interview
    Recode’s Kara Swisher on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media“Journalists are not immune to business concerns, even if they sometimes act like they are.”
  43. interview
    Kai El’ Zabar on the Media“We were accused of calling the race card, and never even consulted — the police’s word was always taken as fact.”
  44. interview
    Kurt Bardella on the Media“It’s no longer viable or plausible to try and say, ‘Oh, we’re just going to be objective.’ How could you not have an opinion at this point, when your reporter is sitting there and Donald Trump is calling him an idiot?” 
  45. interview
    Michael Wertheim on the Media“I think every media company is trying to figure out ways to defend against the algorithms and also play along with the algorithms at the same time.”
  46. interview
    Michael Hirsh on the Media“If Donald Trump is elected, it will cast a very harsh light on, not the basic functioning of the mainstream media but whether it’s relevant at all anymore.”
  47. interview
    MSNBC’s Matt Bradley on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media“One of the things that’s always struck me is that when people talk about the media, they almost always mean television.”
  48. inteview
    Steven Brill on the Media“Just the idea, before [Trump] ever announced his campaign, just the idea that he was known generally as a successful businessperson. That’s the press’s fault.”
  49. interview
    Soledad O’Brien on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media“You figure out which battles you’re going to fight, and you keep your mouth shut for some of the other battles. I would argue that’s typical for a black person in any kind of corporate environment.”
  50. interview’s Gary Schwitzer on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media“We in journalism have to look in the mirror and accept not all, but some significant degree, of responsibility for the fact that we spend a greater percentage of GDP on health care than anybody on the face of the earth, and we don’t have the outcomes to show for it.”
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