Jen Ortiz

  1. My Favorite ThingsLooking for Guatemalan table linens? New floor boards? A yellow stove? Here’s where some of the city’s top tastemakers find everything for their […]
  2. The HuntEverything new, notable, and insanely desirable.
  3. Let Them Eat Way More Than CakeEvent designer Jung Lee of Fête curates the ultimate dessert table.
  4. The Prop Finder“The trend now is true sophistication. A few years back, it was all sweet and rustic.”
  5. Grading the Glitterati ProfessoriatNew York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks is teaching “Humility” to Ivy Leaguers. This semester, the conservative pundit will lead a global-af […]
  6. Zero Walls?Redefining big in Japan.
  7. .09 Acres of TurfRoof turf, that is. A country expanse amid urban density.
  8. First Look: Bidding for BuddhaPreview an online-only auction of Asian treasures.
  9. First Look: Happiness Is a Warm BlanketA surfer couple get cozy in their Nolita boutique.
  10. What Would Don Draper Do?We asked three leading ad men what products the two quarterbacks should endorse.
  11. First Look: Bright Lights, Big CityWhere lamps are created … and rehabilitated.
  12. A Pinup P&LThe thousands of photos that Irving Klaw commissioned of Bettie Page from 1952 to 1957 created an American icon, but the cheesecake business cou […]
  13. sad things
    The Appalling Frequency of the Shooting SpreeThere have been at least 125 fatal mass shootings in the United States since Columbine.