Jenna Marotta

  1. super bowl 2014
    Playboy’s Super Bowl Partying Is Pretty TameBoth at the mansion and aboard the Bud Light Hotel.
  2. gowns gowns gowns
    Q&A: Simon Doonan on Why Stars Should Buy Their Gowns for Awards Shows“Really, I don’t understand how people can get it up for gowns.”
  3. Stella McCartney’s Party Was Just Like Candy LandFeaturing fondue, model bumper cars, and Patti Smith. 
  4. party lines
    Questlove on Jimmy Fallon’s Ear Piercing“They did a lot of editing … There was blood.”
  5. party chat
    Ronan Farrow Still Needs a Name for His New MSNBC ShowWe helped him brainstorm.
  6. party chat
    Priyanka Chopra on Her Revealing New Guess Ads“I come from the land of Kama Sutra.”
  7. party chat
    Naomi Watts’s Kids Enjoyed Her Princess Diana VoiceAnd Jessica Seinfeld has “been cornrowing” since the Met Ball.
  8. party chat
    Romany Malco Not at All Surprised by Barneys, Macy’s Accusations“I’ve been black for 45 years.”
  9. party chat
    Sigourney Weaver Was Too Afraid to See Gravity in 3-D“I already felt like I was floating away.”
  10. party chat
    Yay, Joaquin Phoenix Walked a Red Carpet Last Night and LaughedRare!
  11. party chat
    Scott Foley Explains Felicity’s Noel to a Fangirl: ‘He’s Fake’“Noel’s … fake.”
  12. party chat
    The Scandal Cast Isn’t Really Rooting for Olivia and Fitz Either“Is this bad to say? I think I’m Team Jake.”
  13. phobias
    Gayle King Has an Inexplicable Aversion to Buttons“Watch what I wear — I very, very seldom wear anything with buttons.”
  14. Good Gestures
    Hugh Acheson Offers to Pluck the ‘Hughnibrow’ for CharityThat’s not all: “To change the way the world eats slowly but surely, I will Brazilian wax my balls,” says the chef.
  15. A Mayoral Mexican Wrestling Challenge at Occupy BroadwayThe agony and ecstasy of Michael Bloomberg?
  16. steve jobs
    Mike Daisey Hasn’t Forgotten About the Sins of Steve JobsIn last night’s premiere of ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs’, the monologuist talked about Apple’s dark side.
  17. Things Other than the Future Movie and TV Show Covered at the Arrested Development ReunionLike, Mitch Hurwitz explains an erection joke to a young Michael Cera.
  18. onstage
    Monologuing Steve Jobs: Mike Daisey Explores the ‘Agony and Ecstasy’A critical two-hour piece will explore the human cost of Apple’s shiny gadgets.