Jennifer Gonnerman

  1. “Did Your Father Touch You?”“No.” “No.” “No.” “Yes.” She’s regretted the lie that sent him to prison ever since.
  2. 30. Because This Bronx Councilman Is a 25-Year-Old Gay College Dropout Who Grew Up in the ProjectsHis opponents included two attorneys, a pastor, and the chief of staff for the outgoing councilman.
  3. 43. Because the Tombs Got Two Stars on YelpIn pursuit of poetic justice against their captors, many New Yorkers have taken to Yelp to vent about their hours in confinement at the Manhatta […]
  4. Is Today the Beginning of the End of America’s ‘Tough on Crime’ Policies?The key question: How much have we given up?
  5. The Lonesome Death of Eddie Wise, Panhandler Who Struck It RichIt was the fate he’d feared from the moment we met.
  6. Officer Serrano’s Hidden CameraThe stop-and-frisk trials of Pedro Serrano: NYPD rat, NYPD hero.
  7. 114 Minutes With Jumaane WilliamsThe city councilman spends a day at the stop-and-frisk trial.
  8. The Man Who Charged Himself With MurderTrevell Coleman wasn’t sure whether he’d killed a man. But after seventeen years, he needed to find out.
  9. 31 Shocks LaterAndre McCollins’s mother thought she’d finally found the right school for her son—one equipped to treat his behavioral and developmental problem […]
  10. taxi!
    Taxinomics: A Night in the Life of a CabbieCheapskate customers, endless expenses: it’s all part of the job.
  11. judge rotenberg center
    Trial Shows Autistic Brooklyn Kid Shocked Repeatedly As ‘Treatment’Thirty-one jolts for refusing to take off his coat.
  12. Pvt. Danny Chen, 1992–2011He was 19 years old, a scrawny six-four, and wanted nothing more than to join the Army. Just like so many other young men. But very few from Chi […]
  13. The Death of Pvt. Danny ChenNew details emerge as eight of Chen’s fellow soldiers — mostly NCOs — are charged.
  14. The Knock at the DoorThe last thing child-welfare supervisor Chereece Bell wanted to see was what happened to 4-year-old Marchella Pierce. The last thing she expecte […]
  15. DragnetsA season of suspicion in Little Pakistan.
  16. Would Any of These Guys Buy Jimmy Hoffa a Drink?Sandy Pope was the daughter of an investment banker. She quit school and became a trucker. Now she wants to run the Teamsters. And make unions t […]
  17. MacheteMohamed Jalloh and his family fled rebels in Sierra Leone for the relative safety of New York. Then the danger caught up with them.
  18. The Nanny UprisingIn the struggle over rights for household workers, the political is very personal.
  19. The Lost Boys of TryonInside New York’s most infamous juvenile prison, where troubled kids—abused and forgotten— learn to become troubled adults.
  20. Blood BrothersRobert Sanchez and Felix Aponte had a lot in common, including Sing Sing and bad luck. So when Robert needed a kidney, it seemed like a chance t […]
  21. After the Blood on the TracksMotormen’s lament.
  22. Last Home StandingJacqueline Tamaklo lives in one of New York’s most foreclosure-ridden neighborhoods. And now she’s fighting not to end up like the Joneses.
  23. The Town Car 500Livery-cab drivers are racing for a dwindling number of calls, and a lone teenage dispatcher is referee of the road.
  24. AddictedThe myth of the Rockefeller-drug-laws repeal.
  25. Hamid & SonsAn immigrant family’s 40-year quest for the American dream.
  26. Blood on the TracksEvery time a trackworker goes into the tunnels, there’s a chance he won’t come back out. What the world looks like when a 400-ton train is barre […]
  27. The House Where They LiveThere are 45 sex offenders living in one small Long Island town, 17 on the same block, 7 in a single suburban ranch. Inside a sex-offender cluster.
  28. The Manicurists’ HeroineSusan Kim took her employers to court, and catalyzed a movement for salon-workers’ rights.
  29. The Deliverymen’s UprisingFor $1.75 an hour, they put up with abusive employers, muggers, rain, snow, potholes, car accidents, six-day weeks, and lousy tips. Not anymore.
  30. The Panhandler’s PaydayEddie Wise hustled for every dollar in his pocket. Until he got a check for $100,000.
  31. A Hard-Earned LifeA father’s paycheck reads $676. It has to last two weeks. Start the clock.