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  1. Why Westworld Uses a Player PianoIt’s similar to the stoplight cycling from red to green on Twin Peaks.
  2. tv couple scuffle
    31 Celebrities Pick Their Favorite TV Couples“Ricky and Lucy? Archie and Edith? Those were great, great, great couples.”
  3. Why You’ll Be Hearing a Lot of Radiohead on Westworld“When Jonathan says, ‘Do a Radiohead song,’ I say, ‘Great!’”
  4. game of thrones
    What to Expect From the Immersive, High-Tech Game of Thrones Concert TourComposer Ramin Djawadi breaks down his plans to bring the music of Westeros and Essos to an arena near you.
  5. The Secrets Behind Westworld’s Opening Title Sequence“We took care with every detail. Nothing is in there by accident.”
  6. Why You’ll Hear Modern Songs Playing on WestworldFrom “Paint It Black” to “Black Hole Sun.”
  7. red carpets
    Miss Peregrine’s Cast Reveals Own Peculiarities“I can dislocate my shoulder and pop it back.”
  8. GOT Composer on the Show’s Key Musical ElementsAnd why Daenerys’s theme is so epic.
  9. party chat
    Outlander’s Sam Heughan on Playing Older JamieJK!
  10. What to Expect in Outlander Season 3What to know before Claire jumps back in time.
  11. Game of Thrones Characters You Need to Know for Season 7Gendry, if ever there were a time to stop rowing, it would be now. 
  12. Behind Claire’s Big Change in the Outlander Season-Two FinaleHow did she get here?
  13. finales
    Outlander Finale: The Challenges of Making S2Dragonfly in Amber is a much more difficult book to adapt.”
  14. chat room
    Outlander’s Graham McTavish on That Knife Fight“It’s very Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in that moment.”
  15. chat room
    Game of Thrones’ Gemma Whelan on Yara’s Sexuality and Freezing on Set“I don’t this she swings any way in particular, other than the way she feels at the time.”
  16. game of thrones
    All the Ways Cersei Is Even More Evil in the Game of Thrones BooksIt’s a diabolical greatest-hits collection that includes murder, framing, and infanticide.
  17. GOT’s Michiel Huisman on Daario’s Heartbreak“Daario and I both knew this day would come at some point.”
  18. seeing the future
    What Will Happen in Game of Thrones Season 7?There are likely more clues in George R.R. Martin’s works about where the story is headed next year. 
  19. chat room
    Dean-Charles Chapman on Tommen’s Fate on GOT“I took a lot of face-plants.”
  20. chat room
    Aidan Gillen on Littlefinger’s Motives, Sansa“Sansa really is becoming more Baelish–like.”
  21. GOT Director on the Hardest Shot in the Finale“Emilia [Clarke] got so cold, her jaw started shaking uncontrollably and she totally lost her thread.”
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    Game of Thrones’ Eugene Simon on Lancel’s FateAnd being covered in bat shit during filming.
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    Bran Stark’s Powers Are Like Having an Xbox“Greed is the most important thing the Three-Eyed Raven should have taught Bran to control. It should have been, ‘No more TV, Bran.’”
  24. 8 Lingering Game of Thrones Questions We Need AnsweredWe are insatiable as Cersei Lannister is drinking her revenge wine.
  25. backstories
    The Story Behind Claire’s Big Discovery on Outlander“Claire is the epitome of the butterfly effect.”
  26. emmy insider
    Outlander’s Tobias Menzies on Jack’s Brother“I never regarded Black Jack as someone who didn’t have tender feelings somewhere.”
  27. chat room
    GOT’s Iwan Rheon on Ramsay Bolton’s Last Stand“Ramsay is kind of impressed by Jon, and what he did in the Night’s Watch, and the fact that he’s led an army to Winterfell.”
  28. backstories
    How Outlander’s Revenge Scene Came TogetherStaging the fight was the hardest part.
  29. chat room
    Diana Gabaldon: Outlander Isn’t Really a RomanceAnd why she packaged it that way initially.
  30. chat room
    Kristofer Hivju on Brienne and Tormund Shipping“I feel like the feminine part of that relationship. It’s the peak of emancipation!”
  31. chat room
    GOT’s Eugene Simon on High Sparrow vs. Cersei“We figured a lot of people would think Lancel was going to die — he’s going to confront the Mountain, here we go!”
  32. the hamiltonys
    The Best Tonys Moments TV Viewers Didn’t Get to See“The Tonys is not a competition — it’s a fight to the death.”
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    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Jaime-Brienne Reunion“It’s that thing when two people are attracted to each other but they refuse to acknowledge that whole elephant in the room.”
  34. chat room
    Blackfish: Where Has He Been All These Years?Last we saw him, he went to the bathroom during the Red Wedding.
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    Outlander’s Stephen Walters on Kissing Claire“He knew he had no chance, but he kept trying.”
  36. backstories
    How Outlander’s Battle of Prestonpans Came TogetherA lot of mist, and one big tent.
  37. How Lizzy Caplan and Daniel Radcliffe Keep Their Accounts Safe From Hackers“I am so paranoid about my online security, more than anybody I know. I live in fear, like a grandmother!”
  38. Outlander: Here’s Why Claire Has PTSD“Claire’s WWII story is kind of sprinkled in the books, but there’s not a lot of detail about it.”
  39. backstories
    How 5 Crucial Game of Thrones Scenes Came Together“We wanted the whole sequence to be true to what would have been used in the theater of that time, so it wasn’t historically ridiculous.”
  40. chat room
    Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen on Jorah’s Greyscale“For any actor on the show, most of the time we’re just thinking, ‘Please keep me alive!’”
  41. Outlander’s Clive Russell on Why Jamie’s Grandfather Is a Horrible Person“If you were of a lower class, you would just expect to be sexually harassed and used by certain men in certain hierarchies.”
  42. What to Remember for the Second Half of Game of Thrones Season 6Cersei likes to talk about burning things down … a lot.
  43. secrets
    5 Secrets That Still Need to Be Revealed on Game of ThronesSpill secrets, not blood!
  44. chat room
    Thrones’ Pilou Asbæk on Becoming Euron Greyjoy“When you’re underwater, and there’s a guy holding you down, and you have to open your eyes and mouth, in salt water? It’s not the nicest thing.”
  45. Check Out the Old Fox, the Latest Member of Jamie’s Family on OutlanderUnlike the other characters in Jamie’s family, this one is plucked straight from history.
  46. chat room
    Game of Thrones’ Kristian Nairn Explains His Theory on HodorAnd why we shouldn’t blame Bran.
  47. The Sad State of Game of Thrones’ DirewolvesTheir numbers are dwindling.
  48. backstories
    How Outlander’s Star Chamber Came TogetherIt’s no ordinary room!
  49. explainers
    The Story Behind Game of Thrones’ Children of the ForestAnd the origins of the White Walkers.
  50. peabody awards
    Allow David Letterman to Explain Why Retiring Affects ‘Your Self-Esteem’“First of course you must tire, and then retire.”
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