Jeremy McCarter

  1. Raúl Esparza, Always GratefulRaúl Esparza earned raves as the perpetual bachelor Bobby in Stephen Sondheim’s Company in 2006, then played Lenny the pimp in Harold Pinter’s T […]
  2. This Could Drive a Person CrazyAfter a decade’s gestation and four titles, Stephen Sondheim’s Road Show finally rolls into town.
  3. Sunshine SupermanThe script’s full of navel-gazing; the production drags. Yet Hair still exerts a joyous pull.
  4. Sam, You Made the Play Too LongShepard’s politics get the better of him.
  5. The Meta-Meta-Meta-MusicalWhen self-reference is not enough.
  6. Say It Ain’t SoInning after inning, Damn Yankees swings and misses.
  7. That Is the QuestionIs Michael Stuhlbarg a great Hamlet, or only pretending to be one?
  8. Turn Down the Volume!Would half as much Neil LaBute be twice as good?
  9. Silent MajorityConor McPherson’s ode to frustration.
  10. Churchillian EloquenceThe puzzling masterpiece that is Top Girls.
  11. This Is Your Captain SpeakingBoeing-Boeing comes out of storage, and the great Mark Rylance nearly gets it airborne.
  12. Performance EnhancementBoth The Country Girl and Les Liaisons Dangereuses give virtuoso actors a chance to triumph.
  13. Kitsch SinksCry-Baby’s cool detachment saps the essence of musical theater: emotion.
  14. The Feel-Bad Musical of the Year!A Catered Affair tries to elevate itself by going grim.
  15. Nostalgia Is What It Used to BeOn a newly experimental Broadway, the naïvely optimistic South Pacific harks back to a different age.
  16. The New York Canon: TheaterThe only place where Mel Brooks can rub elbows with Mack the Knife.
  17. Let Me Be EntertainedA Gypsy skeptic takes stock of Rose’s return.
  18. Running UnopposedEven talented playwrights fall into one trap: pandering to the lefty theatergoing audience.
  19. Upper BroadwayIn the Heights brings hip-hop and salsa beats to the old-school musical-comedy form. Plus: Brick, I am your father.
  20. A Less Cheesy MusicalPassing Strange smashes Broadway clichés with an electric guitar.
  21. The Digital StageSunday in the Park With George and The Slug Bearers prove that Disney doesn’t have a lock on theatrical pyrotechnics.
  22. Youth Without YouthThe characters of Hunting and Gathering just need to crash on your futon for a few days. Is that okay?
  23. The Two AmericasOur country, great and ghastly: Little Sheba comes back, and Jerry Springer plays Carnegie Hall.
  24. Party JokesDavid Mamet’s November spins the White House for laffs. Plus: Richard Foreman, in all his weird glory.
  25. Earthbound ArielThe Little Mermaid is such a splashy bore, you’ve got to wonder: Was The Lion King just a fluke?
  26. The Quiet MenBaryshnikov knows what to do with Beckettian silence; Pinter’s Homecoming, at 40, is losing its virility.
  27. Holiday SpiritThe Seafarer and Black Nativity both meditate upon the wages of sin, just in time for Christmas.
  28. And Newly Opened…Tracy Letts’s August: Osage County is what O’Neill would be writing in 2007; The Farnsworth Invention is all surface and pat […]
  29. The Year in TheaterLiev Schreiber was smoking onstage, Boyd Gaines played just about everyone, two energetic new musicals really rocked out—and ten Scotsmen in Bro […]
  30. Outdoing ShakespeareMartha Plimpton, in Cymbeline, may actually be better than the play deserves.
  31. My Kingdom for a Director!What’s wrong with Richard III.
  32. We’ve Seen the Lights Go Out on BroadwayNever fear: It’s an uncommonly good week off the Great White Way.
  33. What’s Worth Seeing When Broadway’s Dark?Tumbleweeds may be blowing through Shubert Alley, but for those intent on catching a show, all is not lost.
  34. Come On, Feel the NoiseYoung Frankenstein falls short of super-duper, but Stoppard’s Rock ’n’ Roll is a mother of an invention.
  35. ‘Hamlet’In their new ‘Hamlet,’ the Wooster Group takes a maximalist approach to reviving a classic, attempting to duplicate a film of Richard Burton’s 1 […]
  36. ‘A Bronx Tale’Chazz Palminteri’s one-man show about his childhood at 187th Street and Belmont Avenue overflows with the barbed, tumbling New York–ese that “fu […]
  37. Nose JobIn Cyrano, the rarely seen Kevin Kline reveals his extraordinary skill in little flashes.
  38. Battle ReadyA funny, filthy soldier’s-eye view of Iraq.
  39. One Cheer for the RoundaboutPygmalion shows exactly what the company should be doing. The Ritz, not so much.
  40. Going PostalMauritius is a thriller about stamp collecting.
  41. The Blue-Collar SpecialStraight from the sitcom to the stage, the foibles of the working class are suddenly all the rage.
  42. The Eternal StoriesIan McKellen is the best thing about BAM’s Seagull and King Lear. But a few cuts would’ve helped, too.
  43. Sing, O Mash-up!Charles Mee’s Iphigenia 2.0 seems to incorporate everything he’s ever heard or read—mostly for the better.
  44. The Rose DistilledMidsummer in the park is dreamy indeed.
  45. I’ve Got Chills, They’re StultifyingYeah, the reality-TV kids can sing—but has everyone forgotten how weak a show Grease is to begin with?
  46. Lighting Out for the TerritoriesIs it possible to put on a fresh play about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
  47. Hell on WheelsXanadu is all kitschy candy shell and no heart. Plus: A pair of small pleasures on Barrow Street.
  48. Friend or FoeShould Old Acquaintance be forgot? Plus: A pair of dramas that succeed in very different ways.
  49. Smiles of a Summer NightRomeo and Juliet in the park.
  50. A Sweet Little NumberThe Patty Griffin compilation 10 Million Miles leaves one craving more small-scale jukebox musicals.
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