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  1. chapters
    Truth Is What a Comedian Makes of ItComics have long strived for some version of authenticity. But what that looks like — and how genuine it is — continues to evolve.
  2. the lonely island
    Seth Meyers Picks the Best Lonely Island Short of All TimeIn Andy Samberg’s final season on SNL, Seth Meyers had an idea: a bracket, voted on by the staff of the show, to determine the greatest digital short.
  3. comics to watch
    The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 202325 comics who industry insiders predict will be tomorrow’s superstars.
  4. books
    At Least There Isn’t Crowdwork With a BookGary Gulman, Maria Bamford, and Aparna Nancherla on writing for the page versus the stage.
  5. good one podcast
    91 Comedians Reveal Jokes They’d Like to Steal If They Could Get Away With ItTig Notaro, Roy Wood Jr., and more on the joke they wish they thought of first.
  6. a long talk
    Paul F. Tompkins Is Getting Back Into ItThe comedian and podcast legend is still in love with stand-up — and nervous it’ll break his heart.
  7. a long talk
    The Many Chicagos of South SideThe creators of the canceled sitcom always prioritized laughs but never forgot where their show was set.
  8. emergency discussion
    It’s the End of Top Chef As We Know ItWith Padma Lakshmi’s departure, the venerable series is losing something irreplaceable. But its latest season hints at an even deeper identity crisis.
  9. tv
    The Simpsons Is Good AgainAfter 34 seasons, 750 episodes, and a decades-long funk, the beloved show innovated its way back to popularity and relevance.
  10. backstories
    ‘Make Him Tell the Machine Story!’Stand-up Bert Kreischer chronicles the journey behind his megapopular joke.
  11. good one podcast
    The Hans & Franz Movie That Never WasDana Carvey, Kevin Nealon, and Robert Smigel discuss bringing the hit SNL characters back to life in podcast form.
  12. good one podcast
    What It’s Like to Be a TV-Comedy Creator in 2023Steve Levitan, Gina Yashere, and Rachel Bloom talk streaming, cancellations, and the elusive idea of success in Hollywood.
  13. vulture lists
    What Is the Best Adam Sandler Movie?Ranking his 44 films to better understand what even defines an “Adam Sandler movie.”
  14. good one podcast
    If Johnny Carson Could Retire, Why Can’t Kathleen Madigan?“So, when the money’s all right, I know I’m free to go, and then I just have to think, Is there any last thing I want?
  15. 1.5x speed
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: It’s Awful Being MotherRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
  16. good one podcast
    Crafting Party Down’s ‘Inside-Out’ ProtagonistAdam Scott and showrunner John Enbom discuss Henry’s evolution across three seasons.
  17. good one podcast
    ‘What Would She Expect Out of Me? Would She Like It?’Marc Maron on grieving Lynn Shelton and the first joke he made about her death.
  18. live from new york
    Saturday Night Live Should Have More Dumb Sketches Like ‘Lisa From Temecula’The character represents both Ego Nwodim and the show at the height of their glorious silliness.
  19. snl
    SNL’s 21 Cecily Strongest MomentsWe will dearly miss her brassy broads, tragically dumb bitches, and drag-inspired musical numbers.
  20. snow jams
    Here It Is: The Much-Discussed Video of Meghann Fahy Singing ‘O Holy Night’It’s the performance that made the “Matt Rogers and Friends Holiday Spectacular Sing-A-Long Extravaganza” extra spectacular.
  21. good one podcast
    All Hail Matt Rogers, the Prince of ChristmasThe comedian talks his new special, longtime partnership with Bowen Yang, and the power of drag.
  22. global swiftie economy
    Earth Isn’t Big Enough for Taylor Swift’s Fan BaseSome of us are gonna have to take one for the team.
  23. good one podcast
    Don’t You Dare Call Kumail Nanjiani a Former ComedianThere was a moment earlier when you said, “You were a comedian,” and that hurt my feelings. I was like, This motherfucker over here.
  24. oral history
    An Oral History of ‘David Pumpkins’The story of Saturday Night Live’s most improbable breakout character.
  25. good one
    Gabriel Iglesias Knows How to Make a Stadium LaughWith a joke about a cockroach.
  26. good one
    Have You Watched The Simpsons Lately? Because You Should!Matt Selman, Brian Kelley, and Christine Nangle discuss the series’ standout 34th season.
  27. good one podcast
    How Sam Morril Gets Laughs Between Laughs“It’s almost like a hesi move in basketball. Like, how can I get my jump shot wide open?”
  28. prophecies
    Community Got Six Seasons, and Now It’s Getting a MovieThe dream is coming to fruition with (most of) the original cast and Dan Harmon.
  29. invite only
    Lorne Michaels to SNL Spouses: You Got Two Years to Host or No Big Party for YouNo pressure.
  30. good one podcast
    Kevin Smith’s Characters Can’t Stop Talking About Star Wars“If you are making a Clerks movie, there has to be a Star Wars something.”
  31. comics to watch
    The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 202224 comics who industry insiders predict will be tomorrow’s superstars.
  32. good one
    Disgust Is Tom Segura’s Love LanguageThe comedian talks about walking his audiences right up to the line of political incorrectness — and then laughing at the people who step over it.
  33. a simple plea
    Remove! The! Exclamation! Point! From! Jimmy Kimmel Live!The time is now. Sorry, the time is now!
  34. good one
    Jinkx Monsoon’s ‘Snatch’ Judy Garland Was a Very Good JudyIt all started with a Salisbury steak sandwich pretendered in Provincetown.
  35. last night on late night
    Martin Short Tells 21 Funny, Good Jokes on ‘The Tonight Show’Further proving he is the greatest talk-show guest of all time.
  36. good one podcast
    Kate McKinnon Wanted to Literally Kiss SNL Good-bye“The most meaningful moments, just looking back, were like … Okay. Long pause for crying, sorry.”
  37. good one podcast
    How Nimesh Patel Made Friends With the TikTok AlgorithmThe former SNL writer discusses performing stand-up on- and offline.
  38. good one podcast
    Josh Gondelman Loved Helping Desus and Mero Be Desus & Mero“Seeing them set the bar has informed what kind of things are even possible to me.”
  39. good one podcast
    Nikki Glaser’s Jokes Aren’t EasyThe comedian discusses material about sex and whether or not she’s going to quit stand-up on this week’s Good One.
  40. good one podcast
    Earthquake’s Jokes Are Like a Debate Class“Just get to the subject, make the point, and move on.”
  41. good one podcast
    Cristela Alonzo Needed a Decade to Process Greg Giraldo’s Advice“You don’t have to listen to everybody’s notes, but if you respect them … maybe listen and see if it works with what you’re doing.”
  42. knock knock
    31 Comedians Share Their Favorite Joke-JokeFrom puns to chickens crossing the road to giving Willie Nelson a blowjob.
  43. post comedy
    You Should Watch The Bear’s Finale FirstFor your health.
  44. good one podcast
    Robin Thede’s Long Quest to Play a Cig-Smoking, Burgling Fake ToddlerThe A Black Lady Sketch Show executive producer, writer, and star wants you laughing so hard it hurts.
  45. exit interview
    Bill Hader Wanted the Barry Finale to Feel Like a Panic AttackThe writer, director, and star maps out season three’s journey to that final frame: “Everything has consequences.”
  46. good one podcast
    Liz Meriwether Needed to Write New Girl to Make Sense of Elizabeth Holmes“I never wanted the jokes to allow the audience to distance themselves from Elizabeth.”
  47. good one podcast
    Nobody Can Tell the Stories Ms. Pat Tells“Once I didn’t give a fuck what people thought about me, it allowed me to open my mouth.”
  48. good one podcast
    In Comedy and Sex, Katt Williams’s Customer Is Always Right“Who doesn’t want to leave the audience dancing on their way out?”
  49. a long talk
    The Man Behind Netflix Comedy’s CurtainRobbie Praw explains his approach to buying stand-up specials for the streamer.
  50. good one podcast
    The Kids in the Hall Fight Because They Care“One of the things that’s ridiculous about being alive, for all of us right now, is that we’re old.”
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