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  1. book excerpt
    A Trial Marriage to Stephen SondheimIn Mary Rodgers’s memoir, she says, “I can’t believe either of us put ourselves through that.”
  2. review
    Theater Review: Reopening That Door With A Doll’s House, Part 2Lucas Hnath’s “imaginary sequel,” with Chris Cooper and Condola Rashad.
  3. theater review
    Theater Review: Bandstand Is a Musical About (and Evokes) Broadway’s Golden AgeBandstand has the courage of its convictions.
  4. theater review
    Theater Review: Can Six Degrees of Separation Still Bring Home the Bacon?We still do not know anyone but ourselves — and ourselves not too well, either.
  5. theater review
    Theater Review: Anastasia, Staged in VainThe grand duchess takes another hit.
  6. theater review
    Theater Review: A Wonka That’s Anything But SweetCharlie and the Chocolate Factory earns itself the Augustus Gloop trip down the pipe.
  7. Theater Review: Annie Baker’s The Antipodes Is the Opposite of What You’d ExpectA playwright known for looking at those around her instead looks within.
  8. Theater Review: And the Word on Bette Midler As Dolly Levi Is …It’s so nice.
  9. theater review
    Theater Review: The Little Foxes With a Switch-’Em-Up TwistCynthia Nixon and Laura Linney trade off the lead roles.
  10. Theater Review: A Holocaust Meta-History, in Paula Vogel’s IndecentThe play’s strengths and weaknesses are enhanced by the move to Broadway.
  11. theater review
    Theater Review: Why Doesn’t This Groundhog Day Feel Fresh?The weak lyrics, mostly.
  12. Theater Review: Oslo Crackles With Drama, and Gives Peace a ChanceThe facts are undeniable, yet it’s hard to believe that history will agree with the conclusions.
  13. Theater Review: Scattered Brush Strokes of Beauty in War PaintTwo killer performances, a handful of fantastic songs — yet something’s missing.
  14. theater review
    Theater Review: Noël Coward’s Present Laughter Is Ever-ModernGently Down the Stream, not so much.
  15. Theater Review: Amélie and the Whimsy ParadoxA show with paradoxes.
  16. theater review
    Theater Review: What Goes Right With ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’The pleasures, and limits, of Basil Fawlty farce.
  17. theater review
    Theater Review: A Definitive Revival of O’Neill’s The Hairy ApeBobby Cannavale manages to carry off near-impossible dialogue.
  18. Theater Review: John Leguizamo Digs for His Inner Latin PrideWith Latin History for Morons, which is not for morons.
  19. Spring Broadway Preview: Bette Midler, Groundhog Day, and More Must-See ShowsPlus Annie Baker’s latest and Patti LuPone versus Christine Ebersole.
  20. theater review
    Theater Review: Lynn Nottage’s Sweat Tells But Doesn’t ShowAs it transfers to Broadway, the play brings its strong ideas and weak characterizations intact.
  21. theater review
    Theater Review: Why Are We in Miss Saigon?The helicopter escape awaits.
  22. Theater Review: Encores! Tries to Reanimate a Jazz Age CartoonIt’s The New Yorkers, an antic mess from 1930.
  23. Theater Review: Sarah Ruhl Gets Into Polyamory, MaaanWith How to Transcend a Happy Marriage.
  24. theater review
    Arthur Miller’s The Price Offers Refreshing Complexity in a Rich RevivalDanny DeVito ties it all together.
  25. theater review
    Theater Review: David Byrne Gives Joan of Arc the Imelda TreatmentHere lies Jeanne.
  26. Theater Review: The Moors Is a Brontë Mash-up Swimming in WhimsyThe Moors, le sigh.
  27. theater review
    Theater Review: Can You Make a Musical Out of Canadian Niceness?You’d maybe enjoy it, eh?
  28. Theater Review: A Reimagined Glass Menagerie With Sally FieldPurists beware; everyone else take notice.
  29. theater review
    Theater: Significant Other Is Still a Too-Loud, Too-Long Wedding ReceptionWould the Electric Slide have helped?
  30. Theater Review: A Close-up Sweeney Todd Gets Extra-DemonicIt’s genuinely scary.
  31. theater reviews
    Theater Review: The David Mamet Flameout Is Now CompleteEven the Mamet dialogue now misfires.
  32. theater review
    Theater Review: Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park With GeorgeThe result is Sondheim’s most personal statement and thus, with all its odd corners and occasional wanderings, his most moving.
  33. Theater Review: Everybody Is a 600-Year-Old Play Brought Up to the MomentBranden Jacobs-Jenkins, MacArthur Genius, reworks one of the oldest known English-language plays.
  34. Theater Reviews: Evening at the Talk House and Escaped AloneWallace Shawn and Caryl Churchill go apocalypto.
  35. theater review
    The Town Hall Affair Gets at the Best and Worst of Avant-Garde TheaterInventive and complex, but also deliberately. maddeningly opaque.
  36. theater review
    Theater Review: This Sunset Boulevard Is Facedown in the PoolEven the waxworks overdo it.
  37. theater review
    Theater Review: Encores! Shows Why Big River Isn’t Coming Back Anytime SoonThe Encores! performance of Big River shows us why it’s never coming back to Broadway.
  38. theater review
    Theater Review: In Yen, London Misery Makes Great CompanyTwo wrecked young men and the mother who made them that way.
  39. theater review
    Theater Review: David Ives’s Sparkling, Hardened Rewrite of The LiarA 400-year-old play gets a fresh, bright rejuvenation.
  40. theater review
    Theater Review: Jitney, or How August Wilson Learned to DriveAs Fences arrives onscreen, Jitney rolls onstage at the Friedman.
  41. theater review
    Theater Review: Harriet Walter Owns This All-Female TempestShe, at least, is the stuff dreams are made on.
  42. Theater Review: BAM’s Bang-up Revival of The Beauty Queen of LeenaneIre in Eire.
  43. Theater Review: Cate Blanchett in The PresentUnfinished Chekhov, on Broadway.
  44. most anticipated of 2017
    32 New Broadway and Off Broadway Shows Worth Seeing in 2017Including a handful of film adaptations and an entire category of Sondheim productions.
  45. theater review
    Theater Review: The Wolves Has Bark and Bite“Extraordinary.”
  46. theater review
    Theater Review: A Pair of Reinvented OthellosUnmoored from tradition.
  47. theater review
    Theater Review: In Transit, a Musical Without MusiciansAll a cappella.
  48. theater review
    Theater Review: The Shaggy Excellence of The Band’s VisitA polar opposite (in excellence) of Dear Evan Hansen.
  49. Why Was Hairspray Live! Tamer on TV? The bouffant isn’t quite as big and bubbly onscreen.
  50. The 10 Best Theater Events of the YearThe best!
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