Jesse Oxfeld

  1. theater
    The Tony Traffic Report: Insiders Analyze the Jockeying for NominationsShows opening late in the Broadway season tend to do better at the Tony awards—which is one big reason so many now make their debuts in April.
  2. Marshall Brickman Hopes for a Lucky TyphoonWhen Marshall Brickman first became famous, in the seventies, he would often say that every time something good happened in his life, he wondere […]
  3. kudos
    The Tonys: Billy, Liza, and Elle WoodsSo, there were no big upsets. But there were fun moments!
  4. ink-stained wretches
    Peter Kaplan at the Observer: An Oral HistoryFarewell to all that: The longtime editor of the salmon-colored weekly is remembered by his former writers.
  5. chat room
    Playwright David Hare on Berlin/Wall and Common Lines Between Israelis and Palestinians“What’s been completely wonderful is that both sides have listened to me.”
  6. The ConversationMatt Cavenaugh, the star-crossed Tony of West Side Story, and Jenny Powers, co-star of Happiness, are getting married in Bosto […]
  7. John Cullum on How to Lead a Double LifeHe’s doing two shows at once, playing the dad in August: Osage County and an old v […]
  8. it happened this week
    Hope FloatsWell, it happened this fortnight, actually.
  9. Hope FloatsAs Barack Obama became the 44th president, it seemed like most of New York had traveled to Washington.
  10. it happened this week
    New and Perhaps ImprovedA digest of the week’s developments.
  11. Pal JoeyThe Roundabout’s revival of Pal Joey has had an All About Eve journey to opening night. The lead, former Jersey Boy Christian Hoff, left the sho […]
  12. Shrek the MusicalThree questions present themselves regarding Shrek the Musical, which opened last night at the Broadway Theatre. Can DreamWorks, following the D […]
  13. 36. Because Even Our Hot Dogs Are PoliticalFinancier turned frankfurtier Nicholas Gray opened his hot-dog-and-papaya-juice stand on Broadway and West 72nd Street in 1973.
  14. Conversation: The Pals of ‘Pal Joey’The emphasis is on the female leads in this revival of the Rodgers and Hart classic. Never mind that neither has sung onstage in 25 years.
  15. Best of TimesColumnist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman on his swagger, his investments, and his life after the Bush administration.
  16. New and Perhaps ImprovedAs New Yorkers counted down the days to the inauguration, other parts of the dawning political landscape fell into place.
  17. Piece of CakeFrom flack to author, with a little help from her friends.
  18. Fashion Fist Bump! ‘Bazaar’ TributeTyra plays dress-up.
  19. Pit Bull Palin Poised to Turn N.Y. RedOr so S.I. GOPer insists.
  20. Rupert WatchThe unstrenuous job of overseeing the Wall Street Journal’s editorial integrity.
  21. The Spirit of ’68An SDS radical returns to Columbia, disappointed.
  22. Partial Passover in the Condé CafeteriaHow is this lunch different?
  23. Heart-to-HeartDirector Kathleen Turner and actress Sarah Paulson, in conversation.
  24. Some Smell a Rattner in ‘Times’ Hill NodPinched at the gym?
  25. Because Where Other Cities Are Losing Their Papers, New York Still Has a Tabloid War THANKS NEW YORK! screamed the New York Post one late-October morning, alongside a color picture of a broadly grinning Statue of Liberty. The o […]
  26. The Happiest Gal in the CourtroomEnron-trial love connection.
  27. Eating GreenLast week, the Times reported that six Barclays bankers in London had run up a $62,700 dinner tab (five got themselves fired in the process). We […]