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  1. crime
    America Saw a Historic Rise in Murders in 2020. Why?“If you wanted to think of this as potentially erasing several decades worth of progress, that wouldn’t be an overstatement,” says one expert.
  2. platform wars
    Why Deplatforming Might Be Useless — Or Worse — in Combating Right-Wing ViolenceThe science isn’t clear yet — but there might be a moderating effect to more public forums like Facebook and Twitter
  3. coronavirus
    The Theory That Explains the Politicization of the CoronavirusAs with so many other facets of American life, cultural identity plays a big role in how people view the pandemic.
  4. coronavirus
    Why Coronavirus Makes February Feel Like Six Months AgoWhat science has to say about how shock, novelty, and monotony affect our perception of time.
  5. coronavirus
    Stop Using the Term ‘Shelter in Place’ for the Coronavirus CrisisIt’s both misleading and confusing at a moment when public leaders need to be giving very clear instructions to the public.
  6. free speech
    Trump’s Executive Order to Stifle Israel Critics Probably Violates ConstitutionThe Trump administration is stumbling into a free-speech nightmare by using the power of the state to silence legitimate protest.
  7. social science
    Taking the Right Lessons From Dion Waiters’s Weed Panic AttackThe Twitter jokes were fine, but there’s something serious going on here too.
  8. fake news
    How a (Mostly) Fake Campus Controversy Illustrates the Media’s Outrage EconomyThe now-famous bánh mì protests at Oberlin were mostly invented by the media. The interesting part is why.
  9. legalities
    Anti-Free-Speechers Still Aren’t Taking Their Own Arguments SeriouslyTheir hearts might be in the right place, but they are carefully avoiding dealing with real scenarios or hard questions.
  10. feminism
    Inside the Near Meltdown of the Roxane Gay–Christina Hoff Sommers TourA rowdy crowd, an attempt to suppress the video via a legal threat, and ongoing controversy over the host — it didn’t turn out as planned.
  11. conspiracy theories
    Even Conspiracy Theories Have Gotten Dumber, a New Book ShowsA Lot of People Are Saying plumbs “the new conspiracism,” conspiracy theory without the theory.
  12. college admissions scandal
    Of Course the College Admissions Scandal Has an NCAA AngleIn a way, it’s the strangest element of this thoroughly bizarre case.
  13. campus controversies
    Behind NYU and Aramark’s Black History Month Dining Hall FiascoA controversy over an insensitive dining-hall menu was a case study in what gets lost when universities start behaving like corporations.
  14. just asking questions
    A Civil Debate With Pot-Legalization Critic Alex BerensonTalking to the author of Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence.
  15. campus controversies
    Is a Professor Getting Railroaded for Questioning Social-Justice Dogma?Peter Boghossian claims his university is only investigating him because it is politically hostile to his research. The truth is more complicated.
  16. marijuana
    Did Marijuana Legalization Really Increase Homicide Rates?A New York Times op-ed claims pot legalization increased violent crime, but the truth is a lot more complicated.
  17. books
    Can a New Book on ‘Intuitionism’ Explain America’s Political Crisis?Enchanted America explores what makes certain voters believe conspiracy theories and ignore plain evidence.
  18. culture war
    How ‘Coddled’ Are American College Students, Anyway?In their much-debated new book, Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff raise alarms. The left has scoffed. Don’t buy either of those positions yet.
  19. campus controversies
    A CUNY Student Was Investigated for Criticizing IsraelWhen one student can narc on another for being offended by their political opinion, things start to get pretty Kafkaesque.
  20. books
    Can a Philosopher Help Calm the Identity-Politics Wars?An interview with Kwame Anthony Appiah, author of The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity.
  21. politics
    How Social Science Might Be Misunderstanding ConservativesA well-established model to explain right-wing beliefs is looking like it might be wrong.
  22. Business Insider Retracted a Bad Piece — and Set a Terrible PrecedentThere’s a reason retractions are so rare in journalism — and for the health and vibrancy of the craft, they need to stay that way.
  23. Why Those Fake-Poetry Subway Ads Are So AnnoyingRoses are red / Violets are blue / Imitating poetry / Is a bad look for you.
  24. Why Won’t Women’s March Leaders Denounce Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitism?Women’s March leaders seem to be tiptoeing around hate speech that demands a firm response.
  25. The White and Black Murder Rates Are Both Rising, But for Different ReasonsA prominent criminologist believes in the “Ferguson effect” — just not the one you’ve probably heard of.
  26. How Wealthy People Use the Government to Enrich ThemselvesA conversation with Brink Lindsey and Steven Teles, authors of The Captured Economy.
  27. The Creators of the Implicit Association Test Should Get Their Story StraightThey keep changing their minds about whether or not their Über-popular psychological test can actually predict racist behavior.
  28. select all
    Sam Seder’s Firing Shows Corporations Can’t Stop Getting Rolled by the Far RightIt’s just the latest example proving that since corporations have no idea how far-right outrage works, they will grant it victory after victory.
  29. science of us
    Having a Daughter Makes Dads More Politically PolarizedIn whichever direction they already happen to lean.
  30. select all
    Companies Should Ignore Angry Online Mobs MoreNew research shows that just because a small group of people are mad at you online, that doesn’t mean the wider, normie-r world is.
  31. select all
    BuzzFeed’s Conyers Scoop Shows That Mike Cernovich Isn’t Going AwayIn normal times, someone like Mike Cernovich wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near “traditional” journalism. But these aren’t normal times.
  32. There Have Been So Many Bad Lefty Free-Speech Takes LatelyJust because the right and the alt-right make silly, hypocritical arguments about free speech doesn’t mean those on the left should follow suit.
  33. race
    Whiteness Doesn’t Cause Mass ShootingsIt’s a compelling-seeming and click-worthy argument, but it’s also a glib and pernicious one that progressives should steer clear of.
  34. select all
    This Might Be the Most Insane and Depressing Fake-News Story YetNo, Columbia students didn’t march in open defense of pedophilia. Yes, tens of thousands of people — at least — thought they did.
  35. oops
    The Dysfunction of the Democratic Party, Distilled in One TweetIt’s just one tweet. But, boy, does this tweet fail on multiple levels — and in revealing ways.
  36. select all
    This YouTuber Is Figuring Out How to Counter the Right’s Dominance of the SiteContraPoints’s videos are funny, gonzo, and smart — and follow a format specifically designed to fight the far right’s dominance of YouTube.
  37. select all
    American Billionaires Created MILOA new investigation in BuzzFeed reveals the extent to which Milo Yiannopoulos benefited from the Mercers’ far-right wealth.
  38. Can Journalists Really Prevent Copycat Mass Shooters?Given how hungry people are for solid information about horrific acts, it’s difficult to come up with practical solutions.
  39. It Doesn’t Matter Why Stephen Craig Paddock Did ItThe United States has decided it isn’t going to address out-of-control gun violence, and no insight about an individual shooter will change that.
  40. campus culture wars
    Is the U.S. Declining Because Americans Abandoned ‘Bourgeois Values’?A controversial Penn law professor thinks so, and in an interview she explains why.
  41. syrian civil war
    Here Is the Syria Report Withdrawn by the U.S. Holocaust MuseumThe report, which consists of six different papers, concluded that U.S. intervention likely would not have helped save Syrian civilians.
  42. american intervention
    The Holocaust Museum Shouldn’t Have Cancelled Its Syria StudyWe need to at least be able to debate the possibility that U.S. intervention often does more harm than good.
  43. political violence
    The Careful, Pragmatic Case Against Punching Nazis“Punch Nazis” may be a satisfying catchphrase, but progressives should think through what it would mean to fully embrace it.
  44. Title IX Enforcement Is Such a Mess Right NowThe most recent bizarre Title IX case involves a student whose university told her, despite her protestations otherwise, that she was a victim.
  45. select all
    Why Is Everyone on Twitter Suddenly Talking About Corncobs?Mix Hillary versus Bernie tensions with a sorta-famous internet joke, and you get … whatever this is.
  46. mental health
    13 Reasons Why May Have Led to an Uptick in Suicide AttemptsNewly published research examined Google search-term data for clues about the show’s impact, and found some scary stuff.
  47. mental health
    13 Reasons Why Likely Led to an Uptick in Suicide AttemptsNewly published research examined Google search-term data for clues about the show’s impact, and found some scary stuff.
  48. mental health
    13 Reasons Why Likely Led to an Uptick in Suicide AttemptsNewly published research examined Google search-term data for clues about the show’s impact, and found some scary stuff.
  49. It’s Time to Retire the ‘Goldwater Rule’If psychiatrists think Donald Trump is mentally unfit for office, they should be allowed to make their case — in a measured, responsible way.
  50. It’s Time to Retire the ‘Goldwater Rule’If psychiatrists think Donald Trump is mentally unfit for office, they should be allowed to make their case — in a measured, responsible way.
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