Jessica Coen

  1. just pants
    Lady Gaga Fashions a Bra From SparklersBreasts of fire, you might say.
  2. rebound right
    Is Yigal Azrouël Katie Lee’s ‘Swordsman’?They’re not necessarily together, but Yigal has a reputation, some say. And look at him! Irresistible.
  3. body issues
    Love Handles Live Longer?Bad news for models: A new study reports that a little chubbiness can add a lot of years to your life.
  4. make it work
    Project Runway Contestants Arrive, Begin Filming in NYCThe new season — on Lifetime and shot in both New York and Los Angeles — has started rolling its cameras on our coast.
  5. panic-demics
    Condé in Crisis: Swine Flu Hits GlamourFirst ‘Vogue,’ now this. Quarantine the pretty people!
  6. Executive Dinners
    Date Night With the Obamas: Dinner at Blue Hill?We’re hearing that Washington Place is blocked off RIGHT NOW while the First Couple enjoys a pre-theater meal.
  7. summering
    Summer Rentals Now Priced for Common Folk!With places going in the low four figures, you can score for the whole season.
  8. weird science
    Missing Link Found, Evolution Continues ApaceOr that’s what scientists are claiming, and now they’re likening themselves to pop stars.
  9. scary things
    Swine Flu: Not Just for the Outer Boroughs AnymoreA private school on the UES has shut its doors after students fell ill.
  10. obviously
    Bloomberg Spends $18.6M on Campaign, Feeding StaffDid you expect him to drop a penny less?
  11. senior citizens
    Cranky Old Man Fears Ivy League FemalesNobody wants a “female, dainty, tearoom atmosphere,” you know.
  12. suffer the little children
    Kindergartners Pray That School Doesn’t Lose Gifted Tests AgainAll the tykes have to retake their smart-kid test.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    Times Nears Decision on How You’ll Pay for Online ContentThey’ve narrowed it down to two revenue models, and they’ll make a decision by the end of June.
  14. sad things
    The Terminally Ill Television TrendThe on-air deathwatch is getting to be a little much.
  15. scary things
    Comeback of the Year: Swine FluThree schools in Queens have shut down after an outbreak.
  16. early and often
    Federal Prosecutors to Interview Hot KarlYou know he’s going to get all “you can’t handle the truth!”
  17. bad decisions
    Cabbie-Cum-Billionaire Guilty of Terrible DecoratingBest not to drape your yacht in $85,000 worth of endangered-species skins.
  18. torturous
    Nancy Pelosi Admits to Eavesdropping on Waterboard ConversationsShe knew, but she didn’t Officially Know. Important distinction!
  19. big mistake. big. huge.
    Craigslist’s Erotic Services Are Now Simply ‘Adult’Apparently they think this will keep the working girls from peddling their wares.
  20. desperate housewives
    Long Island Moms in Heat, Thanks to Brad PittTime to lose the mom jeans — a new daddy is making the rounds.
  21. miracle on the hudson
    Eerie New Photos From the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’Removal of the wreckage provides a sobering reminder of just how dangerous birds can be.
  22. crimes of passion
    Times Twitter Feed Gets HackedFor a second, we actually thought the style blog was encouraging self-love.
  23. gossip grrrl
    Taylor Momsen’s Band DebutsAnd we are genuinely impressed with Little J’s latest effort.
  24. expressing herself
    Brave Architects Sign On for Madonna’s UES RenovationsObviously she can’t just move into the place without totally gutting it first.
  25. The Other Chefs
    James Beard Winners RevealedThe night’s top winners.
  26. early and often
    First 100 Days: The Media-Overkill AwardsWhat are the highlights (and lowlights) of the great First 100 Days story glut?
  27. diddy
    Diddy Declares April 24 ‘Hero Day,’ Celebrates via TwitterYou’ll be pleased to know he has many a personal hero, too.
  28. in the magazine
    New, From Next Week’s Issue of New YorkIt’s Monday’s magazine, today!
  29. drama on the high seas
    Countries Pledge Pirate-Fighting MoneyBut will it be enough if Somalia doesn’t have access to better swashbuckling weapons?
  30. vu.
    Our Housing Bubble Bursts Better Than Anyone Else’sHome prices in New York have dropped more than those of any other major city. We love it when we come in first place.
  31. random acts of kindness
    Tinsley Mortimer Saves Foster Children From Their Own FacesShe’s got Dior makeup artists giving makeovers to the poor little things.
  32. made-off
    First Madoff Movie Fails to Excite UsA movie was inevitable, but Bernie deserves better for his cinematic debut!
  33. ink-stained wretches
    Annals of Law: New Guinea Tribe Sues New YorkerIt’s just your standard-issue case involving rape, murder, and pig theft.
  34. the greatest depression
    Morning Surprise: Morgan Stanley Reports LossesWells Fargo, meanwhile, points and laughs at John Mack.
  35. apocalypse now
    Webster Hall: Where Human Contact Goes to DieIt’s so obvious: Why interact with the hot guy sitting next to you when you could just tweet at him instead?
  36. early and often
    Obama Not Opposed to Prosecution for Torture MemosHe doesn’t necessarily endorse going after the CIA agents, but Justice Department officials are fair game.
  37. internet miracles
    DIY Real Estate With Facebook and eBayFed up with your broker? That’s what Facebook is for!
  38. white men with money
    Bloomberg Is Richest, Most Powerful New Yorker EverWell, maybe not EVER. Bruce Wayne was pretty rich and powerful, too.
  39. moving on up
    Emboldened Renters Explore Strange New World of Co-opsFalling prices make for a buyer’s paradise, but what if those buyers are totally average?!
  40. white fights
    Thursday Fight Night: Cramer vs. StewartPlace your bets now.
  41. project runway
    Check Out the Project Runway ShowsThe finalists may be anonymous, but the clothes have been revealed.
  42. runways
    New Shows: Zac, Calvin, Isaac, Christian, and MoreMore runway candy for you!
  43. warm wintour
    When Anna Met Desirée: The Real StoryThe White House and ‘Vogue’ PR explain the meeting of fashionable minds.
  44. secondary talents
    Video: Male Models’ Preshow Beatboxing RitualBehold, the manly mastery of vocal percussion!
  45. runways
    New Shows: Proenza, Vera, Malandrino, and MoreMore looks from the runway, now available for your full-screen pleasure!
  46. Cole Mohr Proves That Male Models Have More FunIf you only watch one video diary this week, let it be this. Trust us.
  47. photo op
    Kanye’s Hair: An Intimate StudyHe’s moving from ducktail to nubbin-mullet.
  48. runways
    New Shows: Max Azria, Behnaz Sarafpour, Narciso Rodriguez, Baby Phat, and MoreThe latest shows, available for your ogling pleasure.
  49. fall 2009
    New Shows: Beckham, Rodarte, Badgley, Williamson, and MoreWe’ve uploaded a shiny new batch of shows for you.
  50. food taunts you
    There May Have Been Some Clothes There, TooThe Organic presentation was particularly memorable thanks to the locally produced Camembert.
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