Jessica Lustig

  1. hurricane sandy
    Abandoned Sheepshead Bay: No Homes, No Power, No ReliefThe waterfront bungalow community may be even harder hit than the Rockaways.
  2. Occupy Sandy’s Street Medics Go Door-to-Door in Coney IslandInside a crumbling tower full of seniors.
  3. hurricane sandy
    Occupy Leads Relief Efforts in Powerless Red HookThe residents of the city’s second-largest housing project are suffering, and it could be another ten days before power is restored.
  4. The Fashion ThiefKevahn Thorpe is a fashion fanatic and a serial shoplifter for whom jail was not too steep a price to pay for the labels he loves.
  5. The 13-Year-Old ProstituteWorking Girl or Sex Slave?
  6. An Ordinary MurderShot on the street. By a stranger. Over nothing. Random homicides are on the rise, and they usually start with a gun.
  7. Trigger HappyFear and anger made her buy the gun – but the last thing a young New York editor expected was for her new .45-caliber automatic to bring her tr […]
  8. Office Culture: Banana Republicans“Putting on a suit was like putting on a uniform; it got you in the right mind frame,” sighs a trader at Credit Suisse First Boston. “I mean, th […]
  9. Legal Code: Attorneys’ Fee-for-AllOver the years, one of the more successful firms in the stunningly lucrative field of class-action lawsuits has been New York’s Milberg Weiss Be […]
  10. Baseball BallotWho knew the Senate race would be decided by how Mets and Yankees fans vote? Better switch that hat, Hillary!
  11. Social Justice: Artful DodgersWhile the Sotheby’s scandal’s endgame commenced officially with Dede Brooks’s guilty plea and accusation of former chairman Al Taubman on Octobe […]
  12. A Taste of HoneyWherein “Jane” meets “The Source.”