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  1. Tyrannical Trump Already Dictating Oreo DistributionHe told Chris Christie “no more Oreos” at a recent fundraiser.
  2. keeping up with the kardashians
    Video: What Happened When Rob K. ProposedThe sisters appear to have initially found out from … a text message?
  3. all choked up
    A Rough Tally of the Number of Chokers at Gigi Hadid’s Birthday PartyThere were a lot.
  4. can u not
    Oklahoma Court Rules Forced Oral Sex Isn’t Rape If the Victim Is UnconsciousWell, isn’t that something?
  5. why?
    Carly Fiorina Is No Mariah CareyShe broke into song to celebrate becoming Ted Cruz’s running mate.
  6. good to know
    Melania Trump’s Dos and Don’ts for Staying BeautifulDo: Eat jewelry instead of food.
  7. can u not
    Cruz: Trans People Shouldn’t Use Public ToiletsThat’s … interesting.
  8. video
    Samantha Bee Skewers Men Upset About Tubman $20Afterall, white men are, tragically, only on all seven of the bills currently in production.
  9. campus sexual assault
    Accused Columbia Rapist Argues in Lawsuit That ‘Rapist’ Is a Gendered SlurPaul Nungesser refiled his Title IX suit against Columbia, complete with some … interesting new claims.
  10. everyday heroes
    John Kasich Eats Like He Just Got Off a CleanseWe are all John Kasich at 4 p.m.
  11. can u not
    Ted Cruz’s New Ad Is Offensive to EveryoneQuite a feat.
  12. video
    Amy Schumer Imagines If Congress Was Your GynoHonestly not that far-fetched.
  13. wish list
    Melania Trump Really Wishes Donald Would Stop TweetingIt’s the one habit she says she wishes he’d give up.
  14. everyday heroes
    Woman Double-Fists Pizza Slices in World’s Most Relatable Kiss-Cam AppearanceYes, same.
  15. online harassment
    That Viral Feminist-Tutor Ad Was a Scary HoaxWell, that certainly took a turn.
  16. I Guess Now We Know What Ted Cruz’s Twin Sister Would Look LikeDoppelgänger alert.
  17. can u not
    Man Wants to Know How Many Calories Are in That Sundae Hillary Clinton Is EatingBOOOOO.
  18. crime and punishment
    Now That It’s Spring We Can All Start Worrying About UpskirtingCreepy subway dudes, you’ve been warned.
  19. masculinity so fragile
    Fragile Masculinity Causes Men to Be Frightened by MockumentaryIt’ll be okay, guys.
  20. everyday heroes
    Congratulations on Your Jeopardy Win Last NightLove how candid you were with Alex!
  21. everyday heroes
    Woman Just Wants to Know When Baseball Will EndIt was only the second inning.
  22. the female gaze
    Model–Hockey Player Is the Dude Version of Model-DJMantas Armalis has two jobs and one hot face that might get ruined by a puck.
  23. college
    All-Dude Harvard Club Says Admitting Women Could Increase Sexual AssaultThe P.C. won’t kowtow to the p.c. police.
  24. sweet little lies
    Trump: I Get Along Better With Women Than MenWow.
  25. kids these days
    Columbia Students Finally Find Something Worth Protesting: This Ugly SculptureFighting the good fight.
  26. it's complicated
    Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, the Romeo and Juliet of Our Time, Are EngagedCongratulations to the drama-free couple.
  27. terrible things
    Adult Performer Amber Rayne Passes Away at 31She reportedly died in her sleep.
  28. celebrity couples
    The Best New Celebrity Couples of 2016From Pootie-Deng to ChyRo.
  29. cat detectives
    Police Force Considers Using Cats to Solve Crime at Request of 5-Year-OldFinally, an end to feline job discrimination.
  30. campus sexual assault
    Lawyers for ‘Jackie’: Testifying Is TraumatizingThey’ve asked the judge to cancel her deposition in the lawsuit against Rolling Stone.
  31. manspreading
    Misguided Study Finds Manspreading Is SexyMen who adopt spread-out poses in their online photos are considered more attractive.
  32. daaaaaaad
    Dad-in-Chief Barack Obama Embarrasses Sasha by Doing the WaveWhy do you always do this to me, Dad?
  33. sexual harassment
    Anti-Sexual-Harassment Activist Says Two Lakers Players Harassed HerAlexis Jones says Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson harassed her at a stoplight.
  34. bump watch
    Terry Richardson Has Officially SpawnedHis girlfriend Alexandra Bolotow has given birth to twins.
  35. can u not
    Tennis CEO Free to Return to the Year 1965 After Quitting Over Sexist CommentsPissing off Serena probably didn’t help either.
  36. icecapades
    Would It Surprise You to Know That Drake Is a Very Good Ice Skater?I mean, he is Canadian.
  37. twinsies
    If You Hate Kim K, You’ll Really Hate Two Kim KsHere you go.
  38. twitter beef
    Elizabeth Warren Deftly Employs Trump’s Own Insults Against Him“Let’s be honest - @realDonaldTrump is a loser.”
  39. online harassment
    Straight White Dude Billionaire Says He’s Never Blocked Anyone on TwitterHow nice for you, Jack Dorsey.
  40. modern conveniences
    Brooklyn Vending Machine Stocked With Plan BA one-stop destination.
  41. This Machine Can Tell When You’re Drunk-TweetingNarc.
  42. same here
    Who, Me? Exquisitely Fit Kendall Jenner? I Haven’t Worked Out in MonthsKhloé’s gonna be pissed when she finds out.
  43. anthems
    Michelle Obama Drops Fire New TrackSasha and Malia will be so excited.
  44. the fappening
    They Finally Caught One of the Guys Behind ‘The Fappening’ Celeb-Nude-Photo HackRyan Collins has agreed to plead guilty to felony computer hacking.
  45. rich people things
    Barry Diller and DVF Cloned Their DogWhat else do you do with $3.7 billion?
  46. excuses excuses
    Trump Blames His TV Character for Sexist RemarksOhhhh okay then.
  47. shhhh!
    Shut Your Beautiful Mouth, Henry CavillShhhhh.
  48. video
    Damn, This Spider Is KinkyYou do you, spider.
  49. #hulkvsgawk
    Jury in Gawker Case Asks Jezebel Editor If She’s Ever Slept With Her BossesWeird they didn’t ask the male defendants the same question.
  50. à la bro-de
    Abercrombie’s Future Is in the Rough-Yet-Tender Hands of This Unshaven Hot GuyCan he guide the company away from cargo shorts and toward relevance?
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