Jimmy Breslin

  1. Namath All Night Long“…The night before the Oakland game I grabbed a girl and a bottle and went to the Summit Hotel and stayed in bed all night…Same thin […]
  2. I Run to WinSome time ago, I made a basic decision about the way in which I was going to live the little of life available to me.
  3. Is Washington Ready for Bella Abzug? Is Anybody?“… Here she is, pushing, brawling, striding her way toward the United States Congress - Bella Abzug, daughter of the owner of the Live and L […]
  4. ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ Revisited“… The movie is only a reflection, a very pretty one, of what makes people murder. Real murderers aren’t ever that pretty …”
  5. Is Lindsay Too Tall to Be Mayor?“… Short, waddling, crying, sweating Mario talks about ‘a clean city and a safe city,’ and suddenly it’s not too good to be tall and handsome. […]