Jo Piazza

  1. the urbanist
    A Festivalgoer’s Guide to the Real CannesEverything to know about the city: what Cannois are talking about (rats, Russians),  where to spot stars, and the best place for a 3 a.m. blowout.
  2. Celebrity Economy
    How Much for a Pound of Flesh? Celebrities Are Making Big Money Off ExcessYou don’t have to be thin to succeed in Hollywood anymore. Sometimes you’re better off getting a little bit fat.
  3. the celebrity economy
    How Much Can a Celebrity Make for Tweeting?Snoop Dogg can fetch $8,000 a tweet.
  4. How Celebrities Get Almost Everything for FreeThe average red-carpet walker gets about $100,000 worth of freebies a year.
  5. How Much Do Actors Make at Their Actual Jobs?The increasingly byzantine world of Hollywood contracts.