Joana Avillez

  1. good for moms
    My Mom (Still) Never Takes Off These Ted Muehling Earrings“She only removes these earrings for an occasional in-store buffering.”
  2. this thing’s incredible
    My Hunt for the Perfect TurtleneckThe one I found is simple, soft, cheap, and gets the job done.
  3. the best gift i ever gave
    My Mom Never Takes Off These Ted Muehling EarringsYou are telling your loved one that you appreciate their appreciation for form and beauty and craft.
  4. this thing’s incredible
    I’ve Tried Dozens of Pens, But Nothing Tops the Uni-Ball VisionIllustrator Joana Avillez never leaves home without one.
  5. Venice Biennale, Daily Doodles: Joana Avillez’s SketchbookFrom Joan Jonas and her puppy to Hito Steyerl, artichoke risotto, and Venetian romance.