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  1. over the hills
    We Have Spencer Pratt’s Phone NumberWant to scream at Spencer yourself? Thanks to Facebook and the ‘Daily News,’ you can!
  2. Top Chef
    Gail Simmons Recommends an All-Cheeseburger Fashion Week DietAccording to Gail Simmons, Thomas Keller and Alice Waters won’t be appearing this season.
  3. party lines
    Liv Tyler Is Actually, Really, Just Like UsIn which we find out that the ‘Armageddon’ star has a Port-A-Potty strategy.
  4. Simon Doonan: Lack of Diversity on the Runways Is a Bigger Problem Than Thin ModelsHe thinks the thin phase will pass just like “that stupid walk” models used to do.
  5. Post-Strike Jitters Grip ‘30 Rock’They were Guild good!
  6. This Minivan Seats Eight—Plus a Talk ShowAn interview with Maggie Carey and Liz Cackowsk, the creators of the online series, The Jeannie Tate Show, about a suburban mom who cruises the […]
  7. How the Internet Got AwesomerTim and Eric’s plan for online domination.
  8. ‘Glamour’ Magazine’s ‘Fashion Gives Back’ BenefitCindi Leive, Amanda Peet, Thakoon, and Others at ‘Glamour’ Magazine’s ‘Fashion Gives Back’ Benefit for Malaria No More
  9. A Special Screening of ‘The Nanny Diaries’Laura Linney, Alicia Keys, Harvey Weinstein, and others at a special screening of The Nanny Diaries.
  10. Gretchen Mol, Winona Ryder, Paul Rudd, and Others at ‘The Ten’ Screening
  11. Opening Night of ‘Xanadu’ on BroadwayOlivia Newton-John, Cynthia Nixon, Mario Cantone, and Others at the Opening Night of ‘Xanadu’ on Broadway
  12. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, and Diana Ross at Qatar Airways Celebrates Inaugural Flights to New York CityMaggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Diana Ross, and more at Qatar Airways Celebrates Inaugural Flights to New York City
  13. Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, Billy Crudup, and Others at the 60th Annual Tony Awards
  14. Strand Book Store Celebrates Its 80th Anniversary
  15. Strokes Guitarist Writes TooSemi-authorized Bukowski.
  16. What Are You Like in Bed?A bunch of alarmingly candid young people answer a nosy question.
  17. Where to Unload Everything From Your Single DaysHousing Works (212-366-0820) Drop off kitchen appliances, flatware, dinnerware, and linens at seven locations.
  18. Because We ReadA look at what subway riders on a random train—the F from Brooklyn—were reading last Monday morning.
  19. Bargain BillionsGot $5.4 billion but lost out on buying Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village? A shopping list:
  20. From ‘Runway’ to the SubwayAlumni report: Jeffrey moving here!
  21. United Nations Star MapManhattan played host to the world�s most powerful tourists last week, and there weren�t enough presidential suites to go around. (President […]