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  1. where you lead
    And Now, Let’s Argue About the Gilmore Girls BoyfriendsAre you a Dean, a Jess, or a Logan?
  2. comings and goings
    Meet Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Nominee for U.S. Attorney GeneralThe front-runner to replace Eric Holder would be the first black woman to hold the job.
  3. blog-stained wretches
    ‘Joey Blogs’ Out at Daily IntelligencerBye!
  4. islamic state watch
    Obama Sending 1,500 More Troops to Help Against ISIS in IraqThe White House is also requesting another $5.6 billion.
  5. race
    U.S. Army Decides Against Official Use of NegroProbably smart.
  6. ferguson
    How Ferguson Is Prepping for the Darren Wilson Grand Jury DecisionTalks with community groups, but also new riot gear.
  7. new york’s finest
    NYPD Stepping Up Social-Media MonitoringAfter last month’s hatchet attack.
  8. equal rites
    Gay-Marriage Bans Are Back in 4 StatesThe first loss for equality in a long time.
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Sneaking Vodka, Drugs, and Razor Blades Into Rikers Island Is Pretty Damn EasyFor the guards.
  10. media
    Bill Simmons Is Now Beefing With His Fellow ESPN Stars in PublicA Twitter rant from the recently reinstated Grantland editor and columnist.
  11. horrible racists
    CSPAN Caller Lets It Slip That Republicans ‘Hate That N*gger Obama’The problem with live political television.
  12. happy things
    Young Woman Kidnapped in Philadelphia Miraculously Found AliveA happy ending to a horrifying story. 
  13. media
    Michael Bloomberg to Minions: Show Me Your NametagsThe ex-mayor is getting to know his employees.
  14. beef
    Obama Knows He’s No Michael Jordan (at Golf)The president’s comeback to claims he’s a “shitty” golfer.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Dark, Bizarre Trial of Gigi JordanShe claims she was protecting the boy.
  16. tech
    CNN Election Team Hides iPads Behind Sponsored Microsoft TabletsApple wins again.
  17. early and awkward
    Karl Rove, Fox News Rub in Republican DominationRevenge for 2012.
  18. legalize it
    The Other Big Winner Last Night Was Legal WeedSilver linings (or at least something to dull the pain).
  19. new york’s finest
    NYPD Officers Charged for Pistol-Whipping TeenAn actual indictment.
  20. early and awkward
    The Most Perfectly Awkward Photos From Election DayA Mitch McConnell photobomb, a butt crack, a butt pat, and more!
  21. Coach K Says Obama’s Gameplan Against ISIS SucksThe Duke general has a war critique in the form of a basketball metaphor.
  22. animal heads
    Animal Heads Hang From Traffic Light in BrooklynThe new sneakers.
  23. neighborhood news
    Someone Tried to Shoot Rapper Freddie Gibbs in Williamsburg Last NightOutside the venue Rough Trade NYC.
  24. early and awkward
    Indicted Staten Island Congressman Lands Worst Endorsements EverBully Michael Grimm is probably keeping his job.
  25. early and often
    The 12 Most Interesting Midterm Races to Watch TonightWhat you need to know to keep up with the Election Night drama.
  26. the internet
    Michael Bloomberg Owns the Domain BloombergBlows.nycAnd 399 others, just in case.
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    New Hot Mugshot Guy Attacked ‘Fox News Reporter’The victim was in costume.
  28. ink-stained wretches
    1 World Trade Center Welcomes (Some of) Condé Nast Starting TodayThe Freedom Tower finally meets its glossiest tenant.
  29. talking heads
    The Worst Male Response to the Catcalling VideoOh, CNN.
  30. mad money
    Loose Money Stops Traffic on Maryland Highway“People were too busy collecting cash to take a picture.”
  31. horrible things
    Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic SpaceShipTwo Crashes During Test FlightAt least one pilot is dead.
  32. new york’s finest
    NYPD Chief Resigns Ahead of Promotion to No. 2Philip Banks III, the highest-ranking black officer in the department, stepped down abruptly this morning.
  33. ebola panic
    Kaci Hickox Cannot Be Quarantined in MaineA judge rejected the state’s request to keep her inside and away from everyone.
  34. crimes and misdemeanors
    Angry Crowd Greets Beat-Up Eric Frein Outside of Pennsylvania Court“You’re lucky we didn’t get you during hunting season.”
  35. hilarious things
    New York Man Suspended From Work for Repeatedly Using Robot VoiceDuring customer-service calls.
  36. white men with money
    At Least Lindsey Graham Knows His Audience“I’m trying to help you with your tax status.”
  37. paranoia
    NRA Reminds Gun-Loving Voters to Fear EverythingA peek into the election issue of their fearmongering magazine.
  38. the sports section
    Michael Jordan Thinks Obama Is a ‘Shitty’ Golfer“I never said he wasn’t a great politician…”
  39. boston strong
    Longtime Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Dead at 71He left office earlier this year after two decades in charge.
  40. ebola panic
    Rebel Ebola Nurse Shakes Reporter’s Hand, Goes for Bike Ride in MaineIt’s getting wild up there.
  41. police shootings
    Utah Autopsy Confirms Black Man Shot in the BackDarrien Hunt, 22, had a small steel sword, and may have been acting as an anime character.
  42. ebola panic
    Tough Quarantine Nurse Now Fighting With MaineShe won’t agree to stay inside through the 21-day incubation period.
  43. early and awkward
    Neither Staten Island Congressional Candidate Can Name the Last Book They ReadThe best moment from last night’s debate.
  44. amazing coincidences
    How to Not Investigate a Prostitution ScandalMeet David Nieland.
  45. talking about the weather
    Ugh, It Might Snow on Halloween in NYCWet snow showers for the weekend!
  46. bill de blasio’s new york
    What Is Mayor de Blasio Supposed to Be for Halloween?There are mandals involved.
  47. crimes and misdemeanors
    Top Rikers Island Guard Retires Under PressureTop uniformed officer Williams Clemons and two others are out.
  48. cheese intrigue
    Too Much Cheese Probably Not to Blame for Kim Jong-un’s DisappearanceIt wasn’t actually gout from overeating.
  49. ferguson
    Southern Columnist Calls Michael Brown ‘Animal’Stay classy, West Virginia.
  50. transportation
    Citi Bike Is Getting Bigger, Better, and More Expensive [Updated]The long-rumored sale is official, and the bike-share system has a new boss.
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