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  1. ebola panic
    Why Banning Travel From Ebola-Affected Countries Makes No SenseAustralia has instituted a visa ban for political purposes.
  2. happy things
    Little Boy Tests Negative for Ebola in NYCWhew.
  3. neighborhood news
    ‘No Hoodie’ Signs Not Racist, Says Creator“The only complaint you might have is from the little thugs selling drugs in the corner.”
  4. photo op
    Kim Jong Un Has a Little Tea Party After Inspecting the Kiddie PoolA day at the orphanage with the brutal dictator.
  5. horrible things
    Kids From Africa Beaten and Called ‘Ebola’ in the BronxToday in “teens are the worst.”
  6. rikers island
    Rikers Island Didn’t Bother Telling Families It Let Inmates DieA deeply depressing new report.
  7. ebola
    Sick 5-Year-Old Tested for Ebola in NYCHe’s under observation at Bellevue after returning from Guinea.
  8. scary things
    Ax Attacker Who Went After NYPD Was a Self-Radicalized ‘Terrorist,’ Says Bratton“Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad!” Zale Thompson wrote online.
  9. early and awkward
    Republican Signing Girl Not What It Looks Like“No pictures on this!” he says before doing it anyway.
  10. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner Continues to Creep on the Sexy Women of TwitterAt this point, he knows we can see him.
  11. ebola panic
    Here Are Some Things New Yorkers Should Be More Afraid of Than EbolaYou are not going to get Ebola.
  12. trail mix
    6 Actually Interesting Things You Missed in Thursday’s Midterm Races A morning primer for the uninformed and unenthused.
  13. scary things
    Cops Kill Ax-Wielding Attacker, Shoot BystanderChaos on a Queens street.
  14. NYC Doctor Who Treated Ebola Patients in Africa Is Now Being Tested at BellevueHe was treating Ebola patients in West Africa.
  15. horrible things
    Instead of Returning Missing Nigerian Girls, Boko Haram Kidnapped 25 MoreTalk of a cease-fire seems to be crumbling.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    New Jersey Man Caught Pushing ‘Ebola’-Branded HeroinToday in questionable marketing decisions.
  17. ferguson
    Justice Department Not at All Pleased With Michael Brown Leaks“An inappropriate effort to influence public opinion about this case.”
  18. new york’s finest
    Cop Mistakes Another Officer for a Suspect, So He Kicks Him in the HeadThen he punches the guy he meant to hit the first time.
  19. smokin’!
    Camel Bans Smoking at Work Starting in 2015Apparently it’s bad for you.
  20. early and awkward
    Andrew Cuomo Is Losing the Coveted Sopranos Cast Member Vote“And they call me Big Pussy?” says the man who played Sal Bonpensiero.
  21. ferguson
    Michael Brown Autopsy Shows Close-Range ShotThat “does support that there was a significant altercation at the car,” according to one expert.
  22. war in iraq
    4 Blackwater Guards Convicted of Shooting 31 People in IraqThe private contractors were found guilty in the 2007 rampage.
  23. blog-stained wretches
    Politico Provides Platform for BP to Claim the BP Oil Spill Was OverratedBP happens to be a big advertiser, but this isn’t even sponsored content.
  24. shooting
    One Shooter, Soldier Dead After Shots Fired in Canadian Parliament [Updated]Reporters on the scene live-tweeted the attack.
  25. early and awkward
    RNC Co-Chair Calls Wisconsin Voters Stupid“Some of them might not be as sharp as a knife.”
  26. ebola panic
    American Travelers in Africa Are Now Being Screened for EbolaIn Rwanda, which has no reported cases of the virus.
  27. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner Still Won’t Say He Stopped SextingThe subject was off-limits in a new interview.
  28. media
    Pew Report: No One Trusts BuzzFeed (Yet?)A new report shows “liberals and conservatives inhabit different worlds.”
  29. early and awesome
    Obama Brushes Off Jealous Boyfriend With Cool Banter“Mr. President, don’t touch my girlfriend.”
  30. crimes and misdemeanors
    Pistorius Could Be Out of Prison in 10 MonthsThe law only requires him to serve one sixth of his term.
  31. animanhattan
    Horse Leads NYPD on Medium-Speed Car Chase Around ManhattanIt ran away during a cold bath.
  32. ebola panic
    The Most Ignorant American Ebola Panic of the MomentFive examples of Americans not knowing anything about Africa or disease.
  33. speeches
    Everyone Loves This Emotional Monica Lewinsky Speech on Sexism and Cyberbullying“I was Patient Zero: The first person to have their reputation completely destroyed, wordwide, via the internet.”
  34. only in new york?
    NYC Knows You’re a Selfish AssholeA new ad campaign to encourage volunteering resorts to stroking your ego.
  35. art
    Brazen Graffiti Artist Hits Jeff Koons Show Without Ruining the ArtUsing the reflective surface of the work.
  36. equal rites
    Even Wyoming Is About to Allow Gay MarriageIt will be the 32nd state, after Arizona and Alaska joined the list today.
  37. bill de blasio’s new york
    De Blasio Pizza-Fork Curse Hits Staten Island EateryGoodfellas Pizza was shut down for having mice.
  38. the share economy
    NYC Sues First of Many Illegal Airbnb-ersHere we go.
  39. puppies!!!!!!
    Breaking: ‘Tiny Loaf’ of a Puppy Found in Drug Dealer’s PocketShe was rescued and named Pocket, naturally.
  40. bring back our girls
    Nigeria Claims Boko Haram Will Release the Kidnapped SchoolgirlsThere’s reportedly been a cease-fire.
  41. a supposedly fun thing
    Ebola Hospital Worker Should Probably Not Have Gone on That Caribbean CruiseThe individual is healthy, but in quarantine just in case.
  42. weed-stained wretches
    High Times Hits Middle Age: How the Marijuana Magazine Stays Relevant Celebrating 40 years and legalization with the former outlaws.
  43. ebola panic
    Closing Schools Over Irrational Ebola Panic Just Makes People Panic MoreSchools in Ohio and Texas have shut down for almost no reason.
  44. crimes and misdemeanors
    Michael Dukakis Testified for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s ‘Confused,’ High FriendA bizarre twist in a Boston Marathon-bombing side trial.
  45. stand clear of the closing doors
    Original Subway Car From 1935 for Sale on eBay, Should You Be in the MarketBidding starts at $24,000.
  46. the share economy
    Most NYC Airbnbs Are IllegalAccording to a report by the state attorney general that the company is not disputing.
  47. great moments in fox news
    Shep Smith Dismantles Ebola Panic on Fox News!?Truly surprising.
  48. cable news news
    CNN Puts Crossfire Out of Its Misery (Again)Poor Newt.
  49. islamic state watch
    U.S. Settles for ‘Kind of Bleh’ Name in Ongoing Operation Against ISISInherent Resolve, which had already been rejected by the Pentagon.
  50. hate crimes
    Transgender Woman Attacked in Brooklyn Hate Crime“Transgender people are still not safe in what is supposed to be the safest LGBT city in the world.”
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