John Bowe

  1. criminal justice
    The Defense Attorney Who Cuts Deals for Cartel Leaders“You have to make them as useful as possible to the prosecutors. That’s how you get the best outcome for your client.”
  2. law enforcement
    The Police Official Who Fought Racism and Sexism on the Job“When I first come on in the ’80s, sexual harassment, oh man, it was rampant.”
  3. sales
    The Blender Salesman Who You Ignore at Costco“In the end, I’ll have handed out about 700 samples. And I’ll sell two blenders.”
  4. intelligence
    The Spy Who Can Change Disguises in a Public Bathroom“At times it could be extraordinarily difficult living with all the different names and aliases and so on.”
  5. defense
    The Defense Contractor Who Knows President Trump Is Good for Business“There are so many people who want that government contract.”
  6. Hello, Operator? Why Are There So Many Jerks in New York?Mayor Giuliani recently launched the Gridlock Hotline (877-GRIDLOC) for responsible drivers who wish to tattle on their double-parking, box-bloc […]
  7. Communications: Wittgenstein, please? A residence in Manhattan?New Yorkers had a hard time getting through to directory assistance during Bell Atlantic’s recent strike. Some had an especially hard time. Belo […]
  8. Transportation: Quadriceps for HireDon’t pity pedicab drivers – join them.
  9. The Rip-Off ArtistDid director James Cameron steal famous photographs?
  10. Legal Affairs: The Rip-Off ArtistDid director James Cameron steal famous photographs?
  11. Re: WireA digital traffic jam is clogging your home phone lines.
  12. Entertainment: Going for the JugglerA circus for kids and Ruth Messinger voters.