John Hodgman

  1. comics talks to comics
    David Cross and John Hodgman Talk Donald Trump“It’s an example, and there are hundreds at this point, that Trump is every ist possible.”
  2. the best of tv
    John Hodgman Picks His 5 Favorite TV Thingies of the Year … From the FutureThe Daily Show correspondent wrote in — from the future! (actually, from present-day Chicago) — to cap off our Best of TV week.
  3. chat room
    John Hodgman Interviews Al Madrigal “Something I want to talk to you about — this is very serious: Do you know how terrible your posture is?”
  4. mr. manners
    John Hodgman’s Handy Guide to Mustache EtiquetteTwirling your ‘stache: One hand or two? And should you attempt “the Hitler,” if only for a moment? Hodgman has the answers!
  5. Extreme EatingThe city is awash in goats’ heads, cockscombs, and corn smut. Yum.
  6. Sleep In the ParkWhen I first visited New York, about a dozen years ago, it was the tail end of a hot summer, and the city was different. This is a boring thi […]