John Homans

  1. The Three Wives ClubJennifer Haigh’s first novel, Mrs. Kimble, breathes new life into an old American archetype—the romantic con man.
  2. Ad BehaviorLegendary adman George Lois, whose new book, $ellebrity, is published this month, created some of the most memorable campaigns of the p […]
  3. Ad BehaviorLegendary adman George Lois, whose new book, $ellebrity, is published this month, created some of the most memorable campaigns of the p […]
  4. Fair and FoulErik Larson’s new book balances beauty and terror in 1890s Chicago; Norman Mailer gives fiction lessons.
  5. Tears of a CEOGrieving friend or calculating villain? The view of Howard Lutnick in Tom Barbash’s new book, On top of the World, is still murky. But on […]
  6. Voice LessonRichard Powers’s The Time of Our Singing sings a ponderous tune—and those lyrics! Richard Sennett’s Respect mixes sociology […]
  7. New York Awards 2002Vibrant, creative, edgy, demanding (only sometimes!), smart, funny. For this year’s awards, we’ve chosen eleven New Yorkers who not […]
  8. Panhandle AnnieThe hero of Annie Proulx’s new novel is overwhelmed by the Texas-size characters in his supporting cast – which is part of the fun.
  9. Furious GeorgeBob Woodward’s Bush at War gets the trees (Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell) right. But the forest—the war on terror at home and abro […]
  10. Hero, Heroine, HeroinKurt Cobain was a man addicted to contradiction – among other things. And his journals are the daily diary of an American dream – and nightmare.
  11. Money TalksManaging a great fortune is a moral challenge. And David Rockefeller – whatever you think of his accomplishments – rose to it.
  12. Road ShowDave Eggers sends two slackers staggering off to save the world by giving money to strangers. Genius? No. Shrewdly observed, multileveled, highl […]
  13. Natural ManSteven Pinker aims to make the world safe for genetic scientists. But in debunking the idea of the blank slate, is he fighting the last war?
  14. Get CarterIn this self-indulgent tell-all about his brief sojourn in the New York publishing jungle, a former Vanity Fair editor doesn’t just bite […]
  15. Going CoastalSouthern California has long been a proving ground for every new twist in the American experiment, which makes it an ideal setting for David Ebe […]
  16. Reading FrenzyThe ideal summer read must be quick, gossipy, wicked, romantic, sexy, or all of the above. So save The Brothers Karamazov for next winter, and […]
  17. Broadway BombAs the immediacy of 9/11 fades, New Yorkers learn to live with terror.
  18. Halberstam’s HeroesIn a new book, David Halberstam bronzes the memory of the firefighters from the 40/35 firehouse who died on September 11. Heroes, definitely. Bu […]
  19. New York Awards: ComedyJon Stewart
  20. Psych OpsBattleground New York: Why the war at home is a stalled campaign.
  21. Our New War CultureThe attack on the Twin Towers set the world in chaotic motion. Below, a target assessment of the new cultural map.
  22. AftershocksComing to grips with a changed city.
  23. 4 Great Cookbooks to Bring to the Beach House1 Stir-frying in the summer seems a torturously hot practice – think Iron Chef comes to the Hamptons. But Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Asian-inf […]