John McWhorter

  1. The Real Lessons of the Zimmerman VerdictThe criminal justice process is not theater.
  2. Why Affirmative Action Should Be Based on Class, Not RaceKudos to the Supreme Court, which seems to be nudging the country’s universities in the right direction.
  3. the post-racial world
    Despite Mixed Heritage, President Obama Is Hardly Post-RacialJohn McWhorter on Obama’s slave ancestor and his racial identity.
  4. race relations
    McWhorter: Decoding the Henry Louis Gates Jr. ArrestThe political commentator and expert on racial relations weighs in on the Harvard professor’s recent arrest outside of his own home.
  5. ObamaKidsAnd the 10-year-olds shall lead us.
  6. Revenge of the Black NerdFinally, an end to the myth that being bookish means you’re “acting white.”