John Ortved

  1. best of new york
    The Best of New York Home & Help 2017Where to find long-lasting dahlias, bespoke lampshades, a cheesecake engraver, and more.
  2. Best of New York
    The Best of New York Fun and Nightlife 2017Where to find grown-up dancing, Elvis impersonators, fancy fernet, and more.
  3. style tribes
    See Who Showed Up at VFiles’ Second Anniversary PartyRappers, artists, teens, and a sugar baby, to start.
  4. 3. Because at 2 p.m. Mark Rylance Is Channeling Judi Dench and By Eight He’s Playing a Bloodthirsty King“I like to listen to Judi Dench speaking before I play Olivia,” says Mark Rylance, who since October has six times per week taken on the Twelfth […]
  5. New Old StandardsYour go-tos for getting down any night of the week.
  6. etymology
    Ratchet: The Rap Insult That Became a ComplimentDissecting a word that’s risen from the working-class South to the Twitter feeds of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and plenty of gay men, too.
  7. Party Down?Can the soirées of summer last through the fall? A hot-spot handicapper.
  8. 43. Because There’s Always an Of-the-Minute Place for Of-the-Minute PeopleFor a certain type of New Yorker, the closing of the Beatrice Inn was a crisis: Where is the right place to go now, somewhere sufficiently diffi […]
  9. André Saraiva, Le Baron of Parisian Nightlife, Chinatown Arriviste“Look at these two fingers,” André Saraiva tells me over squid, foie gras, and a bottle of Volnay at the Standard Grill. His right index finger […]