Jon Methven

  1. tiger catches tail
    Advance Excerpts From Tiger Woods’s Press Conference Tomorrow“Practice Makes Perfect” is a motto best kept on the golf course.
  2. Mayor Baldwin, Al Gore Face Down Orgasm PandemicMayor Baldwin paced the echo-less floor of his Gracie Mansion office. He was an excellent pacer, although the lack of an acceptable echo irrita […]
  3. bright ideas
    How Cool Would a Microsoft Store Be in New York?About as cool as we would imagine.
  4. The New Etiquette of Bank RobberyBecause, you know, we know you’ve been thinking about it.
  5. ballsy crimes
    Weekend at Bernie’s vs. Weekend at Bernie Madoff’sThe 1989 movie and the 2008 scandal have some parallels!
  6. crapitalism
    The Tax Hikes You Never Saw ComingNon-diet soda and music downloads are just the beginning.