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Jonathan Chait has been a political columnist at New York since 2011 and writes the newsletter &c. He is the author of Audacity: How Barack Obama Defied His Critics and Created a Legacy That Will Prevail.

  1. the national interest
    DeSantis Forced to Say Why He Enjoys Denying Health Insurance to Poor FloridiansThe banality of “normal” American conservatism briefly surfaces.
  2. the national interest
    Let’s Compare How Trump and Biden Treat Indicted Crooks on Their Own SideRepublicans won’t admit it, but Biden is respecting DOJ independence.
  3. the national interest
    ‘Biden or Bust’ Is a Risky Strategy to Save DemocracyThe unconvincing case for complacency.
  4. the national interest
    Now Liberals Are Unskewing Polls, TooStop it, the media isn’t faking the close race.
  5. the national interest
    Trump Throws Anti-Abortion Activists Under the BusWhat Trump’s moderate abortion rhetoric says about the presidential race.
  6. the national interest
    Challenging Biden Is Risky. So Is Nominating Him.A serious primary challenge could test and strengthen the president’s reelection campaign.
  7. the national interest
    Mitt Romney and the Doomed Nobility of Republican ModerationThe party’s last antiauthoritarian walks away.
  8. the national interest
    Republicans Already Told Us Impeachment Is Revenge for Trump“They did it to us!”
  9. the national interest
    Trump’s Economic Plan: Raise Taxes on the Middle Class, Cut Them on the RichRepublican populism remains extremely fake.
  10. the national interest
    Why Isn’t a Mainstream Democrat Challenging Biden?The demand for a different option is robust. What is mystifyingly absent is the supply.
  11. the national interest
    Republicans Attacking Trump As ‘Unelectable’ Is Just So PatheticIt’s not only weak, it’s not even true.
  12. the national interest
    Samuel Moyn Can’t Stop Blaming Trumpism on LiberalsLiberalism Against Itself makes an incoherent attack on liberalism.
  13. the national interest
    Democrats Can’t Fix Their Minority-Voter Problem If They Don’t Understand ItMoving left will only make the party whiter.
  14. the national interest
    Even Clarence Thomas’s Law Clerks Can’t Defend His MisconductA truly pathetic letter vouches for the disgraced justice while ignoring his scandals.
  15. the national interest
    What I Got Wrong About DeSantis vs. TrumpThe personality cult is even cultier than I had thought.
  16. the national interest
    ‘Lock Them Up’ Is Now the Republican Party’s Highest GoalIt’s no longer about policy or even culture war but prosecutorial revenge.
  17. the national interest
    Lindsey Graham: Don’t Indict Trump, or Impeach Him, or Vote Against HimThe opponents of criminalizing Trump’s coup attempt prefer to hand him power.
  18. the national interest
    Donald Trump Tells Georgia Witness Not to TestifyWhat could this possibly indicate about his guilt or innocence?
  19. the national interest
    Clarence Thomas Just Happens to Have Many Generous Billionaire Close FriendsHe can’t help it if he’s lucky.
  20. the national interest
    Prosecuting Trump Will Only Make Republicans Crazier, Warns Law ProfessorHow much crazier can they get, though?
  21. the national interest
    College Sports Is a Failed Experiment in Anarcho-capitalismThe NCAA has all the money and none of the sense.
  22. the national interest
    Ron DeSantis Renounces Trump’s Craziest Election LieAt least he admits the Venezuelans didn’t steal the election.
  23. the national interest
    Are Democrats Tricking Republicans Into Nominating Trump?Conservative elites driven to madness by DeSantis’s collapse.
  24. the national interest
    Pence Makes It Clear Why It’s Necessary to Prosecute TrumpThe GOP punishes the man who was “too honest,” not the coup leader.
  25. the national interest
    The Democrats Can’t Wave Away Their Hunter Biden ProblemHow the party can clean up the Supreme Court and address the president’s son’s ethics scandals.
  26. the national interest
    Ron DeSantis’s Nazi Outreach Is a Strategy, Not an AccidentStaffer Nate Hochman was fired for creating a post with white-supremacist imagery.
  27. the national interest
    Conservatives Have a New Master Theory of American Politics“The long march through the institutions” is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  28. the national interest
    Democrats Learned From Their COVID Errors. Republicans Didn’t.Democrats on school closing, Republicans on vaccines: a case study.
  29. the national interest
    DeSantis Finally Takes Real Questions, But He Won’t Answer ThemIt’s a start.
  30. the national interest
    There’s a Simple Reason Voters Aren’t Crediting Bidenomics (Yet)It takes time for perception to match reality.
  31. the national interest
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Conspiracy Theories Finally Get Around to the JewsCOVID-19 was “ethnically targeted”? Uh, sure.
  32. the national interest
    Anti-Anti-Trumpers Say the Character Issue Between Biden and Trump Is a TieEvery Trump flaw must have an equal and opposite flaw in his rival.
  33. the national interest
    GOP’s Bombshell Anti-Biden Witness Has a Wee Credibility ProblemRepublicans have a habit of imputing all of Donald Trump’s crimes to Trump’s opponents, but this is really on the nose.
  34. the national interest
    In Defense of Independent Opinion JournalismThe ‘hack gap’ between right and left has been closing.
  35. the national interest
    Non-white Moderates Are Real Democrats — Not GOP PawnsSuggesting otherwise is simply denial.
  36. the national interest
    The Last Republican PoliticianCan John Roberts stave off a Democratic assault on the Supreme Court?
  37. the national interest
    After Affirmative Action, We Can Still Fix the Education PipelineShrinking the education gap is the best answer.
  38. the national interest
    Community Input Is Not Always What Democracy Looks LikeClimate activists are entitled to protest but not entitled to win.
  39. the national interest
    John Durham Admits He Knows Little About Russia ScandalNo wonder he thought the FBI was doing a witch hunt.
  40. the national interest
    Samuel Alito’s Ethics Defense Is Even Less Persuasive Than His Legal RulingsSupreme Court justice exempts himself from ethics requirements.
  41. the national interest
    Trump Defense: I Committed Obstruction to Save Golf PantsThis is a very, very bad reason to go to jail.
  42. the national interest
    Joe Biden May Face Two Spoiler Candidates in 2024Cornel West is running and No Labels is getting ready to.
  43. the national interest
    Ron DeSantis Wants More Honoring Confederates, Less Funding for Black HistoryRon DeSantis Wants More Honoring Confederates, Less Funding for Black History
  44. the national interest
    Why Republicans Want a Nakedly Partisan Justice DepartmentNeutral law enforcement is a losing game for them.
  45. the national interest
    Republicans Now Say Bathrooms Are a Great Place to Store Military Secrets“There are 33 bathrooms at Mar-a-Lago! So don’t act like it’s in some random bathroom.”
  46. the national interest
    Why Was Trump So Intent on Keeping ‘My Boxes’?Conservatives assume he would never do anything dangerous or bad with military secrets.
  47. the national interest
    Why No Amount of Evidence Will Make Republicans Admit Trump’s GuiltA paranoid party and its mobster president.
  48. the national interest
    Mike Pence Says Trump Can Commit All the Crimes He WishesEnforcing the law would be “divisive.”
  49. the national interest
    National Study Shows Charters Outperform Traditional SchoolsEducation-reform skeptics’ favorite fact is officially false.
  50. the national interest
    The GOP’s Authoritarian AccelerationInternal resistance to its anti-democratic turn has all but vanished.
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