Jonathan Van Meter

  1. from the archives
    From the Archives: Party Boy in a CageRevisiting New York’s 2006 profile of Michael Alig.
  2. reasons to love new york
    Farewell to BBar, Where I Was Still Hung-over from the ’90s“It existed in a zone unimaginable in Manhattan today.”
  3. reasons to love new york
    Farewell to BBar, Where I Was Still Hung-over from the ’90s“It existed in a zone unimaginable in Manhattan today.”
  4. who were the 2010s?
    Kim Kardashian West on Her Decade of Multi-Platform FameThroughout the 2010s, she demonstrably shifted American culture, changing the way we understand fame and the internet.
  5. profile
    Chelsea Clinton Is Figuring Out Her Own Life NowThe odd situation of the former First Daughter in 2019.
  6. profile
    Hollywood Almost Broke Renée Zellweger. Now She’s Back.After the Bridget Jones years, after the Harvey-at-Miramax years, after a long break from acting, the star is ready to play Judy Garland.
  7. profile
    Cory Booker Wants to Give You a Hug, and Be Your Next PresidentHe’s ready to run the most optimistic, earnest, emotionally present campaign in history — and is betting that’s what Trump’s America is ready for.
  8. from the archives
    You Could Learn a Lot at a Restaurant Table With Liz SmithWhat most people misunderstood about the veteran tabloid gossip columnist.
  9. magazine
    Joan Rivers Always Knew She Was FunnyA 2010 New York profile.
  10. year in culture 2013
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the Present TenseElaine has been surpassed by Selina, the comedian is now an acclaimed dramatic actress, and the nineties were a long time ago.
  11. Manners
    A New Low: Dude Watches a Movie on His Laptop at DBGBLeave the laptop at home.
  12. Madam Would-Be MayorHanging out with the crude, playful, openhearted front-runner, Christine Quinn.
  13. Checkout Time Is 4 A.M.Travels through the hotel-nightlife complex.
  14. The Lure of the Jersey ShoreWhat has made America fall in love with the Côte Crass?
  15. Joan Rivers Always Knew She Was FunnyIt’s the rest of the world that sometimes forgot.
  16. A Nonfiction MarriageAfter the massage parlors, after the affair, after the scandalous book that nearly broke up his family, Gay Talese is writing a new opus—about h […]
  17. Black or WhiteThe gorging on Michael Jackson’s corpse had only just begun when news came that another one of Quincy Jones’s beloved but troubled “children” ha […]
  18. New Prince of Fashion: Julian LouieFashion people have a love-hate relationship with Project Runway, partly because it creates the impression that any misunderstood late bloomer w […]
  19. The Original Gossip GirlLiz Smith and the twilight of celebrity.
  20. There’s a New Face in Town — And It’s a Baby’sOut with the gaunt and tight, in with the plump and juicy.
  21. 24. Because We Shed Our Skin Like LizardsWhen, at long last, they finish erecting the steel skeleton of the final edifice of what may or may not one day be thought of as the Great Manha […]
  22. How Edward Mapplethorpe Got His Name BackHis long, tortured road through art, drugs, and brotherhood.
  23. Five Great Vega Songs That Aren’t “Luka” or “Tom’s Diner”“The Queen and the Soldier” The folkiest of all Vega songs, from her first, self-titled album. With this song, last year she became the first p […]
  24. Lady of the CanyonsAfter six years, and some very hard times, Suzanne Vega is back with a new album, her valentine to New York.
  25. Party Boy in a CageAfter ten years in prison, club kid turned murderer Michael Alig is clean (finally), remorseful (possibly),and obsessed with his grand reentry i […]
  26. When Everything ChangesJoan Didion on John, Quintana, her devastating memoir, and her persistent critics.
  27. UnanchoredAnderson Cooper’s on-air breakdown was an honest expression of his complicated personality—and a breakthrough for the future of television news.
  28. I Hate Brooklyn“I can’t believe you still live in Manhattan,’’ said a new Brooklyn cheerleader. Never before had it been suggested that this made me a moron.
  29. Did Their Father Really Know Best?The three surprising apprentices of Donald and Ivana Trump.
  30. Reunited and It Feels …Surprisingly good. Thirteen years after they paid $50,000 to get out of doing their show, Kathy and Mo are back onstage together.
  31. The Bitch is BackA new baby and a Broadway show may have rounded off her roughest edges, but don’t expect Sandra Bernhard to be … nice. Okay, Madonna?
  32. Who’s That Girl?“Ingrid Casares” rings no bells? Try INGRID CASARES, boldfaced friend to the famous; reluctant lesbian icon; Madonna’s best pal; Miami ni […]