Josh Baer

  1. Art by Numbers: About Face?In a rare turn, the Upper East Side’s C&M Arts is selling about half of the works in “About Faces,” a show of photographic and painted portraits […]
  2. Art by Numbers: Congo LineWhen a hot painter like the 42-year-old Belgian Luc Tuymans produces only about fifteen paintings a year, the competition to acquire them can me […]
  3. Art by Numbers: Printing MoneyAndy Warhol once said business was the best art. Now the market for his work is proving his point, with interest expanding from his paintings an […]
  4. Art by Numbers: Screen TestAfter years of one-man shows at museums like the Whitney, and as the U.S. representative at the Venice Biennale, 49-year-old video artist Bill V […]
  5. Art by Numbers: Brown Bagging“One to a customer” is the rule at the D’Amelio Terras Gallery show of new paintings and watercolors by Delia Brown, which opened October 7 and […]
  6. ArtByNumbers: Slow and SteadyWhile we hear plenty about the meteoric rise of every hot young art star du jour, the more deliberate ascent of mid-career artists – those who […]
  7. ArtByNumbers: Face ValueKen Wynn, brother of Las Vegas hotelier Steve Wynn, has already beaten out many other eager collectors with a $100,000 purchase of an Edward Ste […]
  8. ArtByNumbers: Cottage IndustryWhen San Francisco megacollector Kent Logan took delivery on young British artist Tracey Emin’s The Hut, which he purchased last year for $40,00 […]
  9. ArtByNumbers: Sea Craft You could say that Vanessa Beecroft works like a film director when creating “live event” projects like VB42, which she staged on the Intrepid […]
  10. ArtByNumbers: ‘Roid RageThe estate of late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe has sold more than $2 million worth of his work in the past year. And the just-closed show a […]
  11. ArtByNumbers: Moving Sale“Everything must change in order to remain the same,” says Antonio Homem, the adopted son of Ileana Sonnabend, about the Sonnabend Gallery’s mov […]
  12. ArtByNumbers: Shoot ScoreThe photography world has a major new collector. Saoud Al-Thani, a member of the royal family of Qatar (where he’s cultural-policy czar), has sn […]
  13. ArtByNumbers: Buy HighThe media microscopes were trained on the Phillips auction of Impressionist and modern art last week, but the house’s role as a contemporary-art […]
  14. ArtByNumbers: Piece by PieceShows like the Whitney Biennial can do a lot for an unknown artist’s reputation – and, in this economy, his bankbook. In the months since his s […]
  15. ArtByNumbers: Hit MenWhen art-world heavyweights David Zwirner, a 34-year-old out of SoHo, and Iwan Wirth, a 29-year-old from Zurich, formed a partnership, it was ap […]
  16. Art By Numbers: Trunk ShowIt’s confirmed: the art world has come down with a serious case of elephantiasis. First Chris Ofili’s elephant-dung works, then the paintings by […]
  17. Art By Numbers: Photo FinishIn less than a week, nearly all 110 available photographs by Gregory Crewdson were snapped up from his new Luhring Augustine Gallery exhibition […]