Joy Armstrong

  1. Chauffeur For a DayI need to spend an afternoon running errands around the city – and I’m hauling home a lot of stuff, so it’d be much easier with my car, if park […]
  2. Selling StarsThe 21 who’ll take—and market—Manhattan.
  3. Cashmere Got Holes?Q: Where can I find someone to repair moth holes in cashmere sweaters? —Pamela Bayne, Upper West Side
  4. Outdoor Sports LessonsWinter’s finally skulking away, so stash the boots and dig out the sneakers—it’s a perfect time to tighten up your outdoor gam […]
  5. Tales From the CityOnce in a while, you time everything right. It was only nine years ago that cosmetic dentist Graziano Giglio and his periodontist wife, Ana, bou […]
  6. Air GrabWhat happens when your next-door neighbors are also overhead?
  7. Deal of the WeekSaturday Night Live’s Robert Smigel – who created the foul-mouthed Triumph the Insult Comic Dog for Late Night With Conan O’Brien – just left […]
  8. Deal of the WeekTowering homer: Some New Yorkers avoid their neighbors. But the financier who swapped two low-floor apartments plus $8.35 million for a penthous […]
  9. Katonah, N.Y.Country living in Westchester
  10. Pearl-Tea BarsThose bars serving milky tea drinks full of chewy, funky tapioca pearls – Chinatown’s answer to Starbucks – are bubbling up all over town. Why […]
  11. Boards Get StiffApril is the season for letters from elite gatekeepers, when words like wait-list start peppering teen vocabularies – and this year, parents ar […]
  12. The 2 Percent Solution? If you’re a subway rider, you know that YHD Foxtons is the new Dr. Zizmor. The New Jersey brokerage firm, now trying to get a foothold in New Y […]
  13. Sky-High BuyThe Apartment on the Right
  14. X Marks the SpotBuy Any Means Necessary
  15. Model HomeAlt Option: Don’t Escape
  16. No VacancyCheck-In Time
  17. Big DealsUpper East Side530 East 76th Street (The Promenade)
  18. Sand DollarsThat ballpark’s only the beginning: Buyers are warming to the Brooklyn beachfront.
  19. Caution: Nervous Broker DrivingA Partridge Flies the Coop
  20. Real Estate 2001: Neighborhood ProfilesHudson Heights
  21. Real Estate 2001: Neighborhood ProfilesHarlem
  22. NavigatorThe Inside Dish on Hotel Plates