Julie Earle-Levine

  1. the body inc.
    Q&A: Elle Macpherson on Her New Lingerie Line, Turning 50, & MoreHer collection for JCPenney debuts tomorrow.
  2. Birmingham Instead of LondonThanks in large part to its burgeoning food scene, Londoners, as well as the rest of the world, are starting to reconsider the Brums.
  3. Toast to Harvest Season in the North ForkCelebrating fall on Long Island means drinking at new wineries, eating freshly harvested oysters, and enjoying farm-fresh produce at weekend foo […]
  4. Mellow Out in MontaukWhile the South Fork’s most remote beach town has spawned a growing nightlife scene in recent years, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy its […]
  5. Find Luxury for Less in MarrakechSince the Euro crisis has thinned the crowds, now’s the perfect time for adventurous travelers to enjoy the Red City’s new relative bargains.
  6. Water WaysNine options for those who like to swim, bodysurf, eat by the ocean, or simply dance poolside in a bikini and stilettos.
  7. white men with money
    Man Plasters Rolls Royce Phantom With Reward Posters for Missing Patek PhilippeThat headline could also read, “Moneymoneymoney Moneymoney.”
  8. nursery school
    Children’s Aid Society School Rescue Effort Gets Celebrity BackingBrooke Shields is on board to save the Children’s Aid Society School.
  9. nursery school
    Parents Form Task Force to Save Children’s Aid Society SchoolThe Greenwich Village institution’s imminent closure is being met with outrage.
  10. real estate
    Ian Schrager: ‘I’m Selling My Half’ of the Gramercy Park HotelThe Studio 54 impresario is selling out to partners Aby Rosen and Michael Fuchs.
  11. slash jobs
    Cynthia Rowley Is One Happy ClamThe designer just got herself a clamming license.
  12. blobs with black cards
    This Baby Has an American Express Black CardAll the other babies at the club want to sit at his table.
  13. white men with money
    Introducing Stewie Rah Rah, Bearer of Awesome Business CardHis motto is: “If I don’t tell you how great I am, who will?” Who indeed.
  14. Rupe, Brangelina Beached HereRupert and Wendi Murdoch have put their North Shore summer getaway, on the market for $12.8 million.
  15. See Modern Martha’s VineyardWith a spate of revamped hotels and upgraded kitchens, a robust local art scene, and those ever-gorgeous beaches, the summer perennial has rarel […]
  16. SydneyFor this special edition of Strategist, we subjected six great metropolises—London, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney, Rome, and Miami—to the same scru […]