Justin Miller

Deputy Editor, Intelligencer

Justin Miller is the deputy editor of Intelligencer.

  1. early and often
    Donald Trump Under ArrestThe former president faced criminal charges in court on Tuesday.
  2. politics
    Trump Says He Will Be Arrested Next Week in Manhattan’s Hush-Money CaseThe former president also called for his supporters to protest and “take our nation back.”
  3. early and often
    Merrick Garland Wants to Release the Trump WarrantAttorney General Merrick Garland calls Donald Trump’s bluff regarding the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago.
  4. what we know
    What We Know About the Brooklyn Subway ShootingFrank James, the accused gunman, was arrested in the East Village thanks to tipsters.
  5. ukraine
    A Mayor at WarOne month after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Vitali Klitschko talks about keeping himself and Kyiv alive.
  6. media
    Jeff Zucker Shocks CNN and Quits Over Office RomanceHe’s been in a relationship with one of the network’s vice-presidents, which insiders say has been an open secret for years.
  7. black lives matter
    Jury Convicts All Three Men Accused of Murdering Ahmaud ArberyThree white men chased a Black man through their neighborhood and killed him, in what has been likened to a modern-day lynching.
  8. crime
    Kyle Rittenhouse Cleared of All Charges in Murder TrialHe was a teenager when he opened fire on the streets of Kenosha, killing two, wounding a third, and igniting a furious national political debate.
  9. politics
    Cuomo Charged With Allegedly Groping His Assistant When GovernorThe former governor is hit with one count of forcible touching, which his team suggests is part of a conspiracy by the attorney general.
  10. politics
    Andrew Cuomo ResignsThe governor proclaims his innocence, but will quit.
  11. politics
    Cuomo’s Assistant Speaks: ‘What He Did to Me Was a Crime’Brittany Commisso has come forward on her decision to press charges against the governor for allegedly groping her in his office.
  12. politics
    Cuomo Faces Impeachment, Criminal Charges After Sexual-Harassment ReportThe governor is accused of preying on 11 women, retaliating against one, and breaking state and federal laws.
  13. pandemic
    What If Vaccines Don’t Really Stop the Virus From Spreading?Unpacking the CDC’s head-snapping new guidance on the vaccinated and masks.
  14. politics
    Trump Organization, Executive Accused of Tax Fraud to Bankroll Lavish LifestyleThe company is accused of paying him $1.76 million “off the books” in the form of an apartment, Mercedes leases, and more.
  15. war
    Israel Announces Cease-fire in Gaza After Brutal CampaignMore than 200 Palestinians have died in the campaign to stop Hamas from firing rockets that killed 12 Israelis.
  16. nyc mayoral race
    Stringer Hemorrhages Endorsements After Sexual Assault AllegationThe foundation of his campaign crumbled days after a woman accused him of misconduct while they worked together 20 years ago.
  17. politics
    Feds Raid Giuliani in Escalating Criminal Probe Over UkraineTrump’s old attorney is under investigation into whether he illegally lobbied the U.S. on behalf on Ukrainians.
  18. black lives matter
    The Moment Minneapolis Heard JusticeOutside the courthouse where Derek Chauvin was convicted.
  19. covid-19
    A ‘Glitch’ Sent Droves to Flood a Vaccine Site in the BronxAfter waiting so long for a shot, hundreds were sent back home to wait again.
  20. politics
    Lincoln Project Crumbles Amid Scandal Over Its Co-Founding Sexual PredatorCo-founder Steve Schmidt resigns after the group was accused of lying about sexual harassment by one of its other leaders, John Weaver.
  21. capitol riot
    Mitch McConnell Reportedly Open to Impeaching TrumpThe Senate majority leader has supposedly told associates how he feels about the process unfurling against the president.
  22. capitol riot
    Feds Arrest Pro-Trump Insurrectionists Across the CountryMany of the figures in the most widely-distributed photos from Wednesday are already facing federal criminal charges.
  23. politics
    Twitter Bans Trump for LifeThe president got banned from his personal account, then got busted using the White House and campaign accounts.
  24. politics
    Mob of Trump Supporters Seize U.S. Capitol in Stunning Attack on DemocracyFour people died in the assault, including one woman shot to death by police, authorities said.
  25. karen
    Manhattan DA Investigating Woman Who Falsely Accused Black Teen of TheftNYPD says it is prepared to charge with woman with assault after she tackled the 14-year-old son of a jazz musician she accused of taking her iPhone.
  26. final days
    Trump Pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Jared Kushner’s DadThe president has now undone most of the Russia investigation he called a “witch hunt.”
  27. politics
    Pompeo Cracks Very Unfunny Joke About Trump Second TermThe secretary of State slipped in a badly timed laugh line as he joined with Republicans in questioning the results of the election.
  28. vision 2020
    U.S. Intelligence Accuses Iran and Russia of Interfering in 2020 ElectionTehran reportedly imitated the Proud Boys to send threatening emails to Democrats by obtaining voter information, as Russia did.
  29. vision 2020
    Joe Biden’s and Donald Trump’s Dueling Town Halls: Key MomentsBiden answered cogently and demanded Trump test negative on the day of the next debate, while Trump refused to denounce QAnon.
  30. politics
    Second Presidential Debate Canceled After Trump Refuses Virtual FormatThe president demanded to appear onstage with Biden, which unraveled the process and led to the first-such cancellation ever.
  31. extremism
    FBI Says It Broke Up Plot to Kidnap and Try Michigan’s Governor for ‘Treason’Thirteen men are accused of conspiring to violently overthrow the state government over Whitmer’s coronavirus shutdown orders.
  32. politics
    Trump May Return to Campaign Trail Next Week: Live UpdatesIt is not clear whether the president is still receiving steroid treatment, and other mysteries remain.
  33. Margaret Thatcher, U.K.’s First Female Prime Minister, Dies of a StrokeShe was 87 years old.
  34. Ed Koch, the Mayor Who Saved New York From Bankruptcy, Dies at 88His life and legacy.
  35. politics
    After Days of Drama, Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff DealBoehner told Reid to “Go f— yourself,” while Reid threw an Obama proposal in the fireplace.
  36. Senate Passes Fiscal Cliff Deal, 89-8Over to you, House of Representatives.
  37. Watch Out Below! No Vote to Stop Fiscal CliffThe House leaves early on New Year’s Eve, just like the rest of America.
  38. webster ambush
    Firefighter Slayer: I Like to Kill PeoplePolice found a note from William Spengler.
  39. sad things
    12 Killed at Dark Knight Rises ShowingHorrific.
  40. Will Wisconsin Recall Its Union-Bashing Governor Tonight?Democrats and Big Labor want Scott Walker’s head after he gutted the rights of public-sector unions last year.
  41. Resounding Win for Romney in Nevada [Updated]Gingrich is losing his base and maybe his billionaire supporter too.