Kai Ma

  1. Ask the Experts: The Etiquette Expert“Marriage is a public gesture toward society. Now is not the time to let it all hang out.”
  2. Ask the Experts: The Photographer“Any place that’s small and dark is hard to shoot in. And venues with too many mirrors are a nightmare, frankly.”
  3. Ask the Experts: The Beauticians“Hair extensions are great, but lash extensions? No. They bend, clump, and wear down the natural lash.”
  4. Ask the Experts: The Caterer“A raw bar with an ice sculpture of a giant clamshell is appropriate, but stay away from dolphins.”
  5. Ask the Experts: The Planner“Be wary of planners who work on a commission basis with vendors. In essence, they get paid twice.”
  6. Ask the Experts: The Stationers“Unless you’re going particularly over-the-top and need more type exuberance, three typefaces is pushing it.”
  7. Surprise Multi-Venue SoiréeIn New York City, it is a considerable feat to book your first-choice venue on your first-choice date, and Anita and Mile pulled it off—times three.
  8. Ask the Experts: The Gown Designer“The dress should fit like a glove. So, no bra! If you must, sew a bustier into it.”
  9. Groovy Dinner Party in ChelseaThey got a dog together. That’s how Trent and Jeremy went from being a four-day-a-week couple to a seven-day-a-week couple, and not too long aft […]
  10. Big Jazzy Bash in TribecaDanielle Dorsainvil & James Jean Saint Emeric’s Church and Tribeca Rooftop September 9, 2007
  11. Wintry Fête UptownArden and Walter were set up. Her first impression was, “That guy is what all the fuss is about? Plus, I’m not going out with a guy named Walter.”
  12. Lakeside Shindig in the MountainsJust weeks after their first date, “Rob said to me, ‘Look, we can either go to City Hall and do this now, or at least get matching tattoos.’ And […]
  13. Over-the-Top Beachfront BenderAs a former set decorator for Sex and the City, Ondine knew that when it came time to design her wedding reception, she would do it herself.
  14. Vintage Reception on the East RiverJulie Taras & Benjamin Wallach The Tobacco Warehouse in Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, Dumbo, Brooklyn October 7, 2007
  15. Where Fashion FlocksWhen it comes to their twice-yearly trips to New York, Milan, and Paris, editors are herd animals—eating, drinking, and gathering at the same […]
  16. Brandy CusamanoSpace NK, 99 Greene St., nr. Prince St.; 212-941-4200
  17. Duane HarriottOther Music, 15 E. 4th St., nr. Lafayette St.; 212-477-8150
  18. How to Make a Successful Seating Chart1. “Seat the wedding party at a table at the head of the dance-floor, opposite the band,” says Harriet Rose Katz, a wedding planner for 30 years […]
  19. How to Word Your Invitations1. On the first line, print the names of the people who are hosting (read: paying for) the wedding. Depending on the level of formality, it can […]
  20. Scenes From an ElopementTina Lüdtke and Brian Kristjansen are not models. They’re a real, quirky Canadian couple in love, karate-chopping through the drizzly mist in Br […]
  21. Style Counsel: LingerieDOGet a professional fitting. Eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size.
  22. Minimalist Cocktail PartyShe caught his eye on the floor of Club B-Lo. “It was funny,” says Carlos. “She was doing the electric slide in the middle of this trendy club.”
  23. Drinking and Dancing on the LawnThough they’d exchanged commitment rings in 2004, Nathan formally proposed to Jose the following year during a walk along the East River.
  24. Late Night in a LoftWhen Anne-Marie and Brandon found out they were having a baby, they decided to get married, but bypassed the technicalities (buying a diamond ri […]
  25. Black-Tie at the ClubTheir relationship began after a mutual friend passed away on September 11. After Tyrone proposed at Danube in Tribeca, they spent a year planni […]
  26. Springtime Fête in the CountryWhen Ali’s brother planned a skiing trip to Austria, she almost didn’t go. Luckily, her brother persuaded her, and it was on that trip that she […]
  27. Ask the Experts: The Cake-Maker“Transporting a cake from downtown to Midtown can be a nightmare.”
  28. Winter Bash in BrooklynGustavo proposed to Lydia at Nobu with a ring tucked inside a mini box of Vosges chocolates, after which he whisked her to a suite in the Tribec […]
  29. Ask the Experts: The Caterer“It’s a waste to make guests sit down to a plated dessert.”
  30. Ask the Experts: The Stationer“Do programs that look like miniature booklets. They’re unexpected and stylish.”
  31. Ask the Experts: The Event Designer“Consider things not intended for wedding-industry consumption.”
  32. Ask the Experts: The Gown Designer“When shopping for a veil to match your gown, one-sixteenth of an inch trim is the ideal.”
  33. Josefina PedrazaOlatz, 43 Clarkson St., nr. Greenwich St.; 212-255-8627
  34. Is ‘Green’ Builder Durst Dirty Upstate?Zagats give bad review.
  35. Nadia LivingstonAlexis Bittar, 465 Broome St., nr. Greene St.; 212-625-8340
  36. High-Rise Eats TenementLife surrounded by a construction pit for a bohemian survivor on Bowery.
  37. The New School’s Newt SnootNo Q&A, no mercy.
  38. Kids, Tweens, Teens, and the Parents Who Struggle to Entertain ThemServe cotton candy at a BBQ, go to a skate park, and ride the newest roller coaster.
  39. Sweat Seven Days a WeekWithout setting foot in a gym.
  40. Triathletes, Jocks, Watermen, and Athletes of the Spectator Variety THE AGENDA IF YOU ARE A … Circumnavigate the island on the 32-mile Waterfront Greenway Bike Route (the stretch along t […]