Karen Rosenberg

  1. LES Is MoreThe new New Museum is the stylish front man in a booming Bowery scene.
  2. The Artist Known As Prince“Richard Prince: Spiritual America” is the most comprehensive look yet at the man who was on to the louche-celebrity cult long before the tabs.
  3. Darkness and LightIn the art of Kara Walker, prim Victorian forms bring racial history into high contrast.
  4. An Afternoon in Chelsea: Which Shows Are Worth the Sweltering Slog?Before all the galleries close and their staffs make the customary late-summer retreat to cooler climes, we offer this guide to the season’s fin […]
  5. Renouncing the Dark ArtsBanks Violette’s latest gallery show slinks away from the world of goth.
  6. Richard’s ArcHow Serra went from being a steely pariah to New York’s favorite sculptor.
  7. An Afternoon in ChelseaWhat to see—and what to skip—on your Saturday gallery tour.
  8. Flasher: Martin CreedWith the help of the Public Art Fund, artist Martin Creed will be performing his new variety show at the Abrons Arts Center this week. Creed s […]
  9. Disappearing ActRevisiting Gordon Matta-Clark’s Lost Public Art…
  10. An Afternoon in Chelsea: A Critical Tour of the GalleriesBefore you bundle up for a pre–Armory Show outing, consult this guide for what to see, what to must-see, and what to skip in favor of a hot choc […]
  11. Show and Tell: Tracey MoffattThe Australian photographer’s latest series, “Under the Sign of Scorpio,” considers 40 other powerful astrological sisters, from Marie Curie to […]
  12. The Year in ArtIt was a year of gigantism: A huge show of Dada. Norman Foster’s diamond-faceted 46-story tower. A $135 million Klimt. The Lower East Side galle […]
  13. Influences: John CurrinWhat kind of art was in your childhood home?
  14. An Afternoon in ChelseaA critical walking tour of four of this fall’s highest-profile gallery shows.
  15. Show and Tell: Making Art Out of Making ArtFor his forthcoming book, Artists (Edition 7L/Steidl), the former Columbia art-history student spent the past six years touring studios and bien […]
  16. The Prismatic Fred TomaselliFred Tomaselli aims to alter your consciousness without the nasty side effects, pouring layers of high-gloss resin over dizzying, psychedelic ar […]
  17. Show and Tell: Nikki S. LeeIf Cindy Sherman had turned her “Untitled Film Stills” into an actual film, the result might have been like a.k.a. Nikki S. Lee.
  18. Take a Walk on the (Not So) Wild Lower East SideEven though the New Museum’s not reopening on the Bowery until next year, the area is already reconsolidating its reputation as an arts district […]
  19. Long After the FloodThe postapocalypse hits Chelsea.
  20. An Inconvenient Half-TruthFrom Oregon’s clear-cut forests to Israel’s pine groves planted over the ruins of evacuated Arab towns, these artists show the “natural” environ […]
  21. Taking the Long ViewBrice Marden gets MoMA’s full-on éminence grise treatment.
  22. Frey’s Back Writing Catalog CopyCatch his new stuff—it’s fiction for real this time!—at 57th Street art gallery.
  23. An Afternoon in ChelseaSummer in Chelsea is when gallerists are more likely found in Quogue or Crete, leaving behind shows often seen as seasonal filler. But that do […]
  24. Show and Tell: Coney Island LorePart of an extensive personal archive of plans, drawings, and photographs picturing famous attractions like the carousel, assembled by the late […]
  25. Holiday HoursJuly 4 falls on a Tuesday this year, either extending or mucking up your long weekend. Who’s staying open?
  26. Dada DiversionsGallery shows to round out the not-to-be-missed Dada survey at MoMA.
  27. Our Dada Could Beat Up Your DadaOpening at MoMA on June 18, “Dada” surveys the movement that started in Europe during World War I, […]
  28. An Hour in ChelseaThree timely group shows.
  29. An Evening on Fifth AvenueFor the Museum Mile Festival on June 13, the great collections of Fifth Avenue waive […]
  30. In the Foamy Thick of ItThe greatest surfers have a high tolerance for shark-defying, killer-wave-courting risk. As did Ron Church, a deep-sea diver and underwater phot […]
  31. An Hour in ChelseaA pair of noteworthy double-solos.
  32. An Afternoon on Museum MileWorthy diversions for a holiday weekend in town.
  33. An Afternoon in Long Island CityNew exhibitions at two museums and an outdoor sculpture park.
  34. Hot Chelsea Art Trend: ShopliftingPart of the team of thieves who grabbed Edvard Munch’s The Scream from an Oslo museum went to jail last week, but an art theft closer to home re […]
  35. An Hour in ChelseaThree big names arrive just in time for auction season.
  36. Show and Tell: Margarita CabreraGoofy-looking though it may be, Margarita Cabrera’s life-size Hummer H2 is hardly more ridiculous than the vehicle that inspired it.
  37. Art AlfrescoFree outdoor exhibitions—in case, by some chance, the warm weather decides to stick around for real.
  38. Last Chances: An Hour in ChelseaThree to catch before they close this weekend.
  39. An Hour in North ChelseaBy night, the upper west Twenties are all about the club scene—but by day, there’s lots to see at the galleries.
  40. An Hour on 25th StreetDon’t miss these museum-quality shows (both closing soon).
  41. Art, Commerce Battle at BarneysArtist not “up to my ass in designer clothes,” okay?
  42. An Hour on 22nd StreetThree can’t-miss shows on the same block.
  43. Influences: Matthew BarneyYour mother was an artist. What kind of art was in your home in Idaho? She was studying at that time. A lot of the things she was doing were d […]
  44. An Hour in SohoThree downtown shows to distract you from Chelsea.
  45. An Hour in ChelseaNoteworthy new video art, exploring culture clashes and contradictions (and accumulating hit points).
  46. Fair GameThe Armory Show’s not the only place to shop—or at least dream of shopping— for art this week.
  47. Show and Tell: Bruno RosierIn Bruno Rosier’s show at Aperture gallery and the accompanying book, the original, selfish reason for taking the picture—capturing that “I was […]
  48. Biennial BonusSmarten up before the Whitney’s survey: Three artists with a big presence in the show have solo shows up this week as well.
  49. Who Are These People?The art world’s JT LeRoys and odd collaborators say they’re subverting the system and examining identity issues. Is it just a coincidence that t […]
  50. Ready to Watch“A biennial dies every 30 seconds in the world,” curator Philippe Vergne is fond of saying. Still, the Whitney’s version never goes quietly, and […]
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