Karen Rosenberg

  1. An Hour in ChelseaThree painting shows not to miss.
  2. Show and Tell: Tim DavisIn photographer Tim Davis’ latest series, “Illilluminations,” light doesn’t reveal so much as strip, desensitize, and ultimately obscure
  3. An Hour in ChelseaThree noteworthy New York solo debuts.
  4. An Hour in ChelseaThree photography shows make the afternoon gallery trudge that much warmer.
  5. The Non-Manhattan ProjectAndrea Zittel bolted New York for the California scrub—and now the art world comes to her desert home.
  6. Show and Tell: Helen Levitt“It’s not interesting to take pictures of people going places. You have to go to neighborhoods where they’re standing still or sitting.”
  7. Because Not All Wall Street Bonuses Get Spent on Limos, Sushi, and StrippersNo. 114 This fall, the 34-year-old hedge-fund manager Andrew B. Cohen, who started collecting art just three years ago, bought the showstopper […]
  8. Provocateur: Marina Abramovic“I don’t rehearse, because performance art is not about rehearsal; that’s what makes it different from theater.”
  9. Ghost StoriesGet in the mood for Halloween at these shows devoted to the sublimely spooky tradition of spirit photography.
  10. Show and Tell: Yinka Shonibare“Of course, there’s the relationship between the church and colonialism,” says Shonibare. “But I’m also concerned with the poetic and the poise.”
  11. Lines in the SandIs Jenny Holzer’s art in danger of being washed away by the digital storm that surrounds her?
  12. Unnatural WondersEdward Burtynsky’s industrial landscapes are at once beautiful and horrible.
  13. Soviet ReunionThe Met and the Guggenheim celebrate czars and Czechs.
  14. Homecoming QueenThe bedrock consistency of Elizabeth Murray pays off.
  15. They Ain’t No Hollaback BoysThe Finnish Screaming Men’s Choir may seem like something out of Spamalot, but it is in fact an actual group of besuited men who shout song lyri […]
  16. How Dick Van Dyke and Paris Hilton co-opted our most famous painting.(1) In 1930, Iowan artist Grant Wood paints American Gothic using his sister Nan and a local dentist as models. (The history’s recounted in St […]
  17. The Queens 50Enjoy it while it lasts. A pre-gentrification to-do list.
  18. Show and Tell: William EgglestonTaken with a five-by-seven camera and infrared film, William Eggleston’s “Nightclub Portraits” captured hirsute bikers, svelte disco swans, and […]
  19. ‘All the Mighty World: the Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-1860’It’s a potent reminder that the landscape of war is half-created and half-perceived.
  20. Show and Tell: Sophie Von Hellermann“I did several paintings where I just replaced time with space,” says Sophie von Hellermann. The daughter of a nuclear physicist, the German-b […]
  21. Neo Rauch: RenegatenNeo Rauch has made old-school Socialist Realism accessible, and even palatable, to Western curators and collectors.
  22. Artist: Richard PrinceThere’s a guy on the street who paints copies of my “Nurse” paintings. I think it’s funny. I actually bought one; I thought it was pretty close.
  23. Show and Tell: Elmgreen & DragsetClamber down the basement steps of the Bohen Foundation, on West 13th Street, and you’ll be descending into End Station, a site-specific project […]
  24. Robert GoberRobert Gober’s first New York gallery show in eleven years is a heavily mannered, personal, and at times puzzling attempt to process a global event.
  25. Artists on the Verge of a BreakthroughThe ten most likely to succeed from the “Greater New York” show.
  26. Austen OverloadThe entertainment industry continues churning out updates of the Jane Austen oeuvre—from reverent Ang Lee adaptations to less-reverent eye-and-b […]
  27. Show and Tell: Tim HawkinsonTim Hawkinson’s survey at the Whitney is full of buzzing contraptions, assembled with the kind of creative electrical engineering familiar to re […]
  28. Show and Tell: Peter HujarIn the late seventies and early eighties, Peter Hujar roamed the no-man’s-lands of downtown New York after-hours and turned his camera on fellow […]
  29. Intelligencer: December 13–27, 2004Bernie Kerik’s brilliant career path, Martha Stewart’s big book deal, art hipsters in “Democracy Plaza,” O.J.: The Musical, and more.
  30. Rothko Trumped Renoir.Young collectors turned up their noses at Impressionists—and opened their wallets for modernists.
  31. Conversation: John Leland and Maurice BergerWhen white kids with no personal experience of black America play up their own skin color much as they’ve embraced black music and humor, and th […]
  32. Show and Tell: Chloe PieneMost heavy-metal concerts don’t start at 9 A.M. on Sunday, but Chloe Piene managed to draw a crowd of 250 to hear the Brooklyn band Candiria.
  33. Reeling in the YearsEccentric and deliberately naïve, Hans-Peter Feldmann turns snapshots into sharpshooting.
  34. A Controversy Over ‘Empire’At eight hours, Andy Warhol’s 1964 film Empire is something that one watches, as its creator said, “to see time go by.”
  35. Conversation: Lisa Yuskavage And Tamara JenkinsWhen artist Lisa Yuskavage was preparing a book of small paintings of sexualized young women, she invited a close friend, Slums of Beverly Hills […]
  36. Paul PfeifferPaul Pfeiffer digitally edits sports photographs and videos, removing extraneous figures to isolate unexpected moments of glory on the basketbal […]
  37. A Dresden Drinking GameThose Delta Upsilons playing Quarters have nothing on the Electors of Saxony. More than just a flashy tchotchke, this silver-gilt and iron autom […]
  38. The Dark ArtSome people say there’s no such thing as unappetizing chocolate, but contemporary artists beg to differ.
  39. Since the Last Time You Were in . . . LondonThis fall, British tongues are wagging about Kevin Spacey’s theater exploits, the cool new vibe of Hackney, and a giant phallic symbol on the […]
  40. The Accidental HistorianArtist Wolfgang Staehle inadvertently recorded the 9/11 attacks during his last show. His new exhibit: mostly landscapes.
  41. That 80s Show“I showed some of this work to my students at Columbia, and none of them knew any of it,” says Dan Cameron, curator of “East Village USA,” the D […]
  42. Isamu Noguchi’s Sculpted LifeIn late October, “Isamu Noguchi: Master Sculptor,” a retrospective timed to the centennial of the birth of this great Modernist polymath, open […]
  43. American BeautyPainter Benjamin Edwards transforms soul-crushing sprawl into a landscape of seduction.
  44. Bohemians at the GateArtists take over New York’s sexiest empty building in “Terminal 5.”
  45. How to Get Off the IslandHoist a sail
  46. Biennial FavoritesThey make crocheted campfires, videos of Las Meninas, and sculptures of white-collar criminals. Some of them even paint. The top 10 young […]
  47. Get FleecedUgg boots – those puffy perennials from down Under that suddenly appeared this winter on every fashionista’s feet – may be sold out through sp […]
  48. “Hey! Ho! Let’s Roll!”Seventies revivalism strikes again, with a new all-female roller-derby league.