Karrie Jacobs

  1. design history
    We’ll Miss You, MetroCard MachineAfter more than two decades, the city is replacing the squat stainless-steel machines to make way for OMNY.
  2. gun control
    The Second Amendment Takes Aim At the FirstIt’s shutting down New Yorkers’ right to public space.
  3. living small
    It’s Time for New York City to Bring Back SROsA solution to high rents, empty hotels, and the homelessness crisis.
  4. cityscape
    What if You Could Walk to the Airport?There’s a difference between an airport terminal that radiates civic virtue and one that’s a true public space.
  5. Demolition ManWhy can’t anyone fight developers anymore? Because builders have discovered that if the state likes their proposals, Pataki will tear down […]
  6. Architecture 101New student-activities centers at Columbia and NYU expose the complex and sometimes contentious relationships between two schools and their neighbors.
  7. Architecture: Designer MarriageAn exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt shows that Charles and Ray Eames did a lot more than design the world’s comfiest chair.
  8. Robert Moses LivesA cunning plan to cover the West Side rail yards with a vast park and commercial ventures – with a stadium in the Hudson on the side – has a m […]
  9. Fat CityStrip away the genially glitzy signage, the oddly beautiful armature, and 4 Times Square – a.k.a. the Condé Nast tower – is an office bui […]
  10. Champagne DesignJust as the city proposes zoning exemptions for exceptional design, a new tower in midtown reminds us how beautiful – radical idea! – contempo […]
  11. New Train of ThoughtThe restored Grand Central is lovely, but is strict preservation the best approach to the West Side train station? Let’s atone for the loss of P […]
  12. Hoopless DreamsThe NBA Store Plays Ralph Lauren’s Game
  13. Site Lines: Coming Full CircleThe Coliseum site gets the building it almost had in 1989.
  14. Site Lines / Dressed to Shill: The Bus Terminal Gets a Madison Avenue MakeoverThey’re ruining the Port Authority. That’s what I catch myself thinking as I stand at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 42nd Street, waiting for t […]
  15. Cineplex OdiousOutsize movie theaters are making new apartment towers uglier than they’ve ever been. So don’t blame the architects for these big boxes. Blame H […]
  16. Sitelines: Air ApparentTerminal 1 launches a new era at JFK.
  17. Faulty TowersOld buildings may send the occasional cornice hurtling to the street, but it’s modern architecture we should really fear.