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  1. recommendations
    The Only TV Show That Speaks to 2018 but Won’t Keep You Up at NightPolitically relevant TV doesn’t have to be miserable.
  2. profile
    Barbara Kruger ForeverThe essential artist talks Ikea, Trump, hypebeasts, sex, and power.
  3. swellness
    Do Medicinal Mushrooms Actually Work?The magical health and beauty benefits of mushrooms.
  4. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: When a Feminist Artist Dragged Overgrown SkatersThe absence of digital niceties in Barbara Kruger’s statement sends a chill of awe down my spine.
  5. first person
    What I Got Wrong About MisogynyFive years ago, I started writing about feminism for the Cut. I didn’t get how bad things were.
  6. recommendations
    Where Do You Buy Comfy-Slutty Underwear in a World Without American Apparel?A few solid options.
  7. feuds
    Why I Love It When Women FightFemale feuds are more than just “catfights.”
  8. rage
    If Trump Wins, It’s Time to Burn the Girl-Power PlaybookForget the feminist promise of meritocracy.
  9. q&a
    Can Kate Lanphear Make Maxim Woman-Friendly?Talking to the newly minted lad-mag editor about her first issue.
  10. lean out
    Nobody Cares You Brought Cupcakes to WorkOffice housework is a trap.
  11. goddess
    Wait, Is Amal Clooney Tricking Us Into Reading About Human Rights?She’s introduced a new element to celebrity weeklies.
  12. dong watch
    Adult Circumcision: Men, Sit This ‘Trend’ OutFashion is cyclical!
  13. dong watch
    Ewan McGregor Is Too Polite to Tell You About His Huge PenisAllow Colin Farrell to.
  14. womyn’s wear
    Soon You and Your Boyfriend Can Buy Posh, Matching OutfitsSelfridges will do away with the gender binary in March.
  15. watch
    Emma Watson’s Mysterious Feminist Project Is Wildly SuccessfulShe gave an update at Davos.
  16. shmashmortion
    Mutinous GOP Women Sabotage Abortion BillHouse Republican women beg leadership to stop talking about rape and abortion.
  17. power couples
    Megyn Kelly Inspired a Novel (by Her Husband)The Means features a character who resembles Kelly, except brunette.
  18. watch
    Conservative Genius Frets Beyoncé Will Turn Girls Into StrippersPaging the Beyhive.
  19. people who dgaf
  20. eff prizes
    Awards That Snub Women Are Meaningless AwardsJust watch the Oscars for the dresses.
  21. mean girls
    Texas State Senator Has Pro-Life Cowboy Boots, and They’re HeinousThese boots were made for undermining Wendy Davis.
  22. q&a
    The Army Movie About G.I. Jane’s Bored SecretariesAn interview with Talya Lavie.
  23. golden globes 2015
    All of the Ways Amal Clooney Was Too Good for the Golden GlobesNo mani cam, no shots.
  24. put a ring on it
    The Tiffany Proposal Fantasy, Gay EditionThe jeweler’s first wedding ring ad featuring a same-sex couple.
  25. watch
    This Child Knows More About Transgender Rights Than Most AdultsAnd is also adorable.
  26. shmashmortion
    Trent Franks Still Trying to Make Abortion Ban HappenIt would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks.
  27. our bodies our selfies
    With the Belfie Stick, the Age of Butt Innocence Is OverThanks to this selfie tool, there’s no excuse for not knowing what your butt looks like.
  28. feminist herstory
    Notorious R.B.G. Gets Her Own Biography, From the People Who Made Her a MemeWomen’s rights reporter Irin Carmon will co-author.
  29. casting coup
    Céline Casts Didion, Women’s Brains ExplodeCome on.
  30. pretty hurts
    Pick Your Poison: Adult Acne or Fatal SuperbugThe antibiotics-resistance apocalypse is going to wreak havoc on our skin.
  31. aspiration
    I Like This Bitch’s Life: Molly YehAn only slightly bitter appreciation post.
  32. social justice warriors
    The Men of Menimism Are So Weak The new anti-feminist movement, if real, is pretty lame.
  33. mattress girl
    Alleged Columbia Rapist Not Doing Himself Any FavorsHe’s not convinced intimate-partner violence is real.
  34. closet talk
    I Hate My On-Trend Winter Cape So MuchNobody tells you how restrictive they are.
  35. quotables
    Lindsay Lohan Knows She Should Drink More Water, But It’s So BoringThe banality of skin care. 
  36. magazines
    Secret Behavior Is a Sex Mag for the SensitiveStrings firmly attached.
  37. war on leggings
    Montana Legislature Declares Leggings Not PantsAnd leggings continue to drive feminist debates.
  38. sheroes
    Bye Felipe: A Place to Publicly Shame Rude MenA Q&A with the founder of the Instagram archive of male entitlement.
  39. pc police
    ‘Politically Correct’ Means Not Ignoring WomenAccording to a new study.
  40. men
    The Victoria’s Secret Runway Show Is the Super Bowl of Male ThirstMen are begging for invites to stand near models.
  41. video
    Watch Lola Kirke Argue for Topless JournalismIn an exclusive clip from Free the Nipple.
  42. watch
    Can Nicki Minaj Be on SNL Every Week?She nailed Beyoncé and Kim.
  43. campus sexual assault
    Rolling Stone Regrets Handling of UVA Rape StoryPhi Kappa Psi says the date and the description of her assailant don’t check out.
  44. profiles
    Phoebe Dahl Can Convince You Linen Is CoolThe granddaughter of Roald Dahl has created an Eileen Fisher for millennials. 
  45. rape
    The UVA Gang-Rape Backlash Is a Trap for FeministsYou can’t ruin a young man’s life by trusting a woman.
  46. catcallers
    How Second-Wave Feminists Fought CatcallersThe “Ogle-In” is featured in She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, a new documentary about Women’s Lib.
  47. navel-gazing
    Taylor Swift Can’t Commit to Men or MidriffA new theory of her belly button.
  48. pretty hurts
    Should Teens Get Laser Hair Removal?Permanent beauty treatments ask us to guess how much beauty norms will change during our lifetime.
  49. movie versions
    What If ‘Free the Nipple’ Were More Like Pussy Riot?A new feature film imagines it.
  50. hormones
    Birth-Control Pills May Turn Your 5 Boyfriend Into an 8Do you dare go off?
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